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From the FroZen North to the SiZZling South  

The Datsun/Nissan online car show co-hosted by the Ontario Z Car Owners Association in Canada and the Z Car Club of Queensland in Australia.

FotoZed is open to all current members of OZC or ZCCQ with any make & model of Datsun/Nissan.  There are 7 judged categories that members  can enter, and an overall people’s choice award.  The prizes are simply bragging rights.  The benefit is enjoyment of so many amazing photographs! https://ontariozcar.com/fotozed-2021-spring/ 

At the Z Proto Zoom unveil back in September a few of from the Z Car Club Queensland and the Ontario Z Car Owners Association were chatting before and after the unveil and having a bit of a joke around as only Aussie's and Canucks can. The short of it is we have now have had a few club members zoom meet ups and had a great time, and we are all talking about a group of them coming over here and us doing a tour of Canada. The last Zoom meet up was 4 1/2 hours long and they are a great fun bunch of Zed owners and our clubs and memberships are very similar. At the last meeting we had a guest speaker Chis Karl, Executive Director of the Z Car Club Association of North America, ZCCA, who showed us his personal up close photos of the Z Proto, when it was in New York and talked about his involvement with the Z Proto, ZCON and the ZCCA. The ZCCQ has just become the first Z Car club in the southern hemisphere to become affiliated with the ZCCA. 

With the Covid lock down especially for them, as they are just getting some slight relaxations out of lockdown in over a year (imagine that, lockdown for over a year) We are so dam lucky here in Oz and the freedoms we have had. We have decided to co-host and online car show open to current club members only and in just 4 days we have had over 110 entries into the 7 different categories. Its all about having a bit of fun and showing off your Zed, and there have been some amazing photos posted. You can see all the info about the different categories and see the entries which are increasing daily here https://ontariozcar.com/fotozed-2021-spring/ 

Any of you can vote  for the People’s Choice categories OPEN   – between April 6th 7:00am – April 14th 11:59pm EDT (April 6th 9:00pm – April 15th 1:59pm AEST) to vote for your favourite photo overall – voting open to the general public. There will be a link button added to the above webpage link on the 6th so you can't vote yet but in the mean time check out the entries.                                                                 The whole car show is about having fun.  

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Voting for "People Choice" is now open for FotoZed and with 322 photos of awesome Zeds and other Nissan/Datsuns from the members of the Z Car Club of Queensland and the Ontario Z Car Owners Association to chose your favourite from is no easy task. here is the link to the voting https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/FotoZedSpring2021PeoplesChoice and here's is the link to the entries which are spread out over 4 fantastic pages https://ontariozcar.com/fotozed-2021-spring/


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All the Winners for FotoZed have been announced, please check out this link https://ontariozcar.com/fotozed-2021-spring/ to see them all. 

A huge thank you from OZC and ZCCQ to all the entrants, judges, technical advisors, organizers and the people that followed along. Feel free to take a look at the slideshow we presented at the awards night that we hosted for all our club members. https://ontariozcar.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/OZC-–-FotoZed-Awards-Spring-2021.pdf 

We thought every photo & story was good enough to be a winner – congratulations to all those chosen by our judges and the People’s Choice!

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