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Steering Wheel Identification - help

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Hi all,


Just would like some help identifying these steering wheels (year and model whether 240 or 260 etc).  The first one looks like they have bent the indicator prongs to fit (I know it works with a 240z).  
The last wheel looks to have a boss kit on the back of it so I presume something aftermarket.

Thanks for any help











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I'll take a shot - I'm thinking the first one is off a 240K, the yellow one with spoke holes is later 240Z, and the third is aftermarket like SAAS or Autotecnica or whatever.

AFAIK all 260Z wheels had padded rims although I've seen several with the 240K 'wood' style, retro-fitted probably as the padding breaks down over time.

PS. I don't know why the rawl pins on the first wheel have been bent over, except maybe to fit a different car altogether?

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Hi all thanks for the replies - I’ll probably end up selling the 240K wheel and the aftermarket one (there’s only so many steering wheels you need).


Gav - no idea who thought yellow was a good idea (for a change it wasn’t me with the crazy idea though so that’s good)

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