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Just thought I'd do a 2021 update on importing Watanabe's. A lot of threads here direct to Otomoto and another wheel/tire company that are no longer around? 

I saw a sale direct from RS saving 30-40% off RS Watanabe R Type wheels and that they included lug nuts (see translated screenshot attached) so I got in contact directly with RS Watanabe to see about whether they would ship direct to Australia. The forwarded me to Rasel Rahman at https://buynowjapan.com/ who said the campaign was for domestic customers only who would photograph the wheels on their cars for their gallery. But he quoted me the following prices which seem to be the marked discounted prices (plus local tax, minus the lugnuts):

2 x 16-90 -13 114.3-4H
2 x 16-95 -19 114.3-4H
Wheels Price 153,120
Center Caps 8,800
Lug Nuts 16,720
Shipping 48000 JPY by UPS air 3-5 days shipping.
Total 226,640 yen (around $2760 AUD today).

There will also be import tax once they get to Australia as well.

Side note, they also had a limited number the Falcon Steering Wheel's with horn buttons available as part of campaign a few months ago and when I reached out then they recommended Sudo at Number 7 Racing Products to export them from Japan. He was very helpful and had that sent to me in the US with some other smaller parts at a very good price. I am currently talking to him now about the cost to get some Marugen Shoukai flares, G-nose and rear spoiler sent out to Australia as well. When I asked him about the wheels he said: "There is an agency in Australia so you can contact - Solid Engineering & Mechanical http://solidmechanical.com.au/about-us/ " I was going to give them a call but Rasel at buynow got back to me in the meantime so I went with him. 





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