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Batteries - lead, Agm or lithium

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Hi all

As always, when the budget is tight planning how to spend what comes in!  

240z's battery unwell (disuse) and needs replacing mid term.  Question is do we upgrade to AGM or lithium? 

Whatever I do, an isolator is going on to prevent discharge. 

Two reasons for wanting to get away from lead battery: 1. Longevity 2. Corrosion risk on restored zed. 

For those that have looked at it, any suggestions? 

Currently doing reading and my conclusion so far is that if money no object, go straight to lithium.  If money is, a compromise (that is not too big a cost or too great an improvement) would be an AGM battery.   Obviously, neither looks stock and will most likely need new mount. 



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1 hour ago, Huw said:

For those that have looked at it, any suggestions? 

Not sure if the current types of lithium batteries have improved however, when I previously looked at this, I understood lithium batteries like to operate within a limited temperature range and this may be exceeded by engine bay operating temperatures. Outside of this range their ability to be charged and longevity are affected.

But, the latest Li battery types may have improved.

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Yes, I did some reading on some of the manufacturers sites that had a note about this.   Some suggested about 80 in location is about all you want.   Need to read a bit more and measure it to confirm.  Ideally on a hot day. 

Airflow not great at that point but there is plenty of distance between it and any really hot parts. 

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