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FS (ACT) - RB25DE Engine + R31 5sp gearbox and associated parts

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Hello all,

This is somewhat of an EOI at the moment, only because I haven't gotten around to planning the removal and storage/sale of my current engine and gearbox.
It is definitely coming out, but if there is no want, I'll take my time (Could take me a year or two lol)

So, Without more irrelevance, I have a RB25DE engine and R31 5 speed gearbox fitted to my 260z 2 seater chassis, I'd like to sell the whole thing as a complete package, because its just easier.
The engine is stock, It does run, but it hasn't run in a few years at least. From memory it ran pretty well. I always intended to rebuild the engine at some point, So I would keep that assumption that it'll ideally need a freshen up when you put it in your chassis.
Its using R31 skyline engine mounts to sit on the factory cross member and engine mount points. Comes with a stock R32 RB25 ECU and a heap of wiring. If you are capable, it'd be easy to repair/rewire, but lets be honest, most people are just going to put an aftermarket ECU in, its easier.
The gearbox is a R31 Skyline 5 speed gearbox, The shifter has been modified to sit in the factory Datsun location. I made a gearbox crossmember that adapts the factory gearbox mount to the factory Datsun trans tunnel mount. It wont come with the tailshaft, I'll still need that, but its just a stock Datsun tailshaft anyways.
The exhaust is a modified Coby 3-2-1 Extractor system that I imported from NZ, with 2.5" pipe under the body, a shiny centre muffler and hectic cannon on the rear. I don't remember it being obnoxiously loud, but its not stock quiet. (I'll push it out on the hoist to get some pics at some point)
I also made a polished alloy heatshield to cover the exhaust, It is proper heatshield material underneath and keeps it almost cool enough to touch, so no big engine bay heat soak problems. its also got a cool air duct to help airflow underneath the heatshield, further improving its effectiveness.
The radiator is a generic alloy eBay item, I've made a custom expansion tank on the side and a alloy shroud with twin thermo fans fitted. Its been sitting with coolant in it for all this time, never noticed any leaks.
The fuel tank can come with it too, It's just a stock tank with an old Bosch 044 fuel pump on it.
There is 3 Speedhut 2 5/8th gauges, Oil pressure, Water temp and Fuel. The oil and water senders are already fitted to the engine, the fuel level sender is mounted in the fuel tank.
The gauges light up with cobalt blue numbers and red needles

Currently, I'm tossing around a price of $3000 for all of it, but while I'm in no rush to move it, I'm also willing to negotiate and refine my price if its ridiculous.
I would also swap for suspension and brake components, so long as they are complete bolt on stuff without bits missing. Negotiable on a case by case basis.

I have been popping in and out lately, It may take me a few days to answer initial requests, But I'll be more active if I'm chatting with someone, wont leave you hanging etc.

My build thread has more details and pics, the relevant bits start at the end of page 8 and go over page 9, along with some pics


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