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Importing Mechanical Components from US

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Hi Everyone, 


I’ve just finished reading the informative section regarding importing from Japan and also using Postmate from the US.


Just wondering if anyone has tried or had any luck importing things such as gearboxes, differentials, engines and alike from the US and whether they used Postmate.  I noted with Postmate they obviously want things packed for air travel which would mean fluids removed etc.  I worry if purchasing something from over there, they may not prepare it to Postmate standards then could turn into a nightmare trying to return anything to the sender and retrieve any funds (which I’ve run into before from a well known engine builder years ago) who admitted fault in the product but refused to compensate me to fix it - offering to repair it if a return posted it at my own expense.... defeated the purpose.


So any advice/experiences would be appreciated.  I should specify I’m not talking about new parts that could be obtained locally in Aus, but harder to find parts that may be more abundant over there.


Cheers and Beers for a Merry Christmas



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Hi Gav, I agree re: Postmate.  My issue potentially would be trying to set up a system to bring in those kinds of components where by a private seller (not EBay) basically doesn’t want to ship.  So it would possibly finding a service like you’ve discussed re:Japan like Jesse who could buy stuff then pack and ship things.  I would find it unlikely that a private seller who can’t be bothered/interested to ship items (even locally) would refund and money just because we encountered shipping issues after purchase.


 Was there a particular freighter company you used or had good dealings with otherwise I can just start phoning.

Hope everyone had a good Christmas.





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I shipped a 49 five window Chevy pickup to a guy in England a few years. Ran it over to Seattle an put it on a barge. He had people dropping off tires, transmission and stuff to put in the back. Took  two months to get it. He cruised Craigs list finding parts. Got them to one place close to a port. Then ship them to himself. If you work with a barge company that goes your way. they set up a container can let you fill it. 

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