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New AC/Heater/Defrost Kit Installed

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Hi Guys,
I just recently completed installing my new AC/Heater/Defrost kit and thought I wouldshare my experience with the group. (Sorry in advance- long post)
I am no mechanic, electrician or an a/c specialist of the likes but in saying so, I am always willing to give everything a go and get my hands dirty.
I got my car fully road registered (after it being off the road for more than 10 years) in late August and only drove weekends. October long weekend was when it hit me, the heat that is. It was so hot that it go me sweating into my seat and just made me it want to just get home quickly rather than going for the spirited drive lol.
I started researching and calling a few places in hopes to get it done before summer, but many places were either booked out until next year or where far too pricey (top price quoted for unseen was $6000). :/
I called up vintage air in and they quoted me the universal gen II kit (AC/Heater/Defrost) for $2500 exc shipping. Was tempted to go down this route, but everything was generic, the compressor bracket needed be frabicated to fit and had to replace the original control panel which I didnt want to do.
So I go into contact with Auto AC in the states, they had the complete kit (AC/Heater/Defrost) that was "designed" to work with Datsun 240z/260z and the original control panel. It also comes with all lines, hoses, wiring, brackets and step by step instructions. They also assured me that this was designed for RHD drive Z's too. So as you know it, this is the option i took.
After converting it to AUD+ Shipping, it was roughly $2550. Delivered by FEDEX in 1 week. Ordered on Monday, Arrived following Monday. Beware of the TAX and import fees. That was around $300 or so for me. So now I am at roughly $2850*
So the photos are in the order of my progression. By the way, I only had weekends and sometimes only 1 day of the week to work on it as work was picking up and it was coming towards end of the year so, I would say it took me about 3 days in terms of "day" hours to get it done as for the most part, it was deciding on how everything and where everything was going to be placed. There was a lot trial fitment going on.
So first few photos were just photos of the contents.
Arrived in one big box.
Evaporator/Heater Core, Wiring and instructions
Compressor, Brackets and belts
The first thing was to drain the coolant, remove the dash and get the old evaporator/heater core and blower motor out.
Dashboard and Center Console out
Now onto the old evaporator and blower motor
Evaporator/Heater Core and blower motor out
New Heater/Evaporator core and blower motor
Once it was out, I realised how tight this fitment was going to be and I was umming and arring whether I place it on top of the trans tunnel or to the passenger side against the firewall. I couldnt decide just yet so I ended up moving to mounting the compressor bracket and compressor.
Instructions, Compressor, Bracket, nuts and bolts
Compressor Bracket fitted
Compressor and Belt Fitted
Next was mounting the condensor. I mocked up some brackets using soft metal then using the mockup I fabricated thicker brackets.
Fabricated brackets for the condensor
Condensor mounted
So now back into the car, (this part took most of my time) a lot of testing fitting with the dashboard on and control panels in, no matter what I did i couldnt seem to get the control panel in to fit properly as it was pushing up against the unit and therefore protruding out of the dashboard. I ended up taking the original control panel apart and by which i meant removing the unessecary metal brackets that made it longer than is required. This got it to fit but only just.
This is how it looks without the vents connected at the top and with the ac drain at the bottom connected to the original hose.
Once I figured out the placement, i removed it and added sound deadening and insulation
Next was connecting the heater hoses. I tried to fit the new heater valve to where the original holes were in the firewall, but it did not fit well as the hoses inside the cabin needed to be routed to the passenger side and even if I still managed to install it, the clutch pedal would touch it every time when pressed. As a result I ended drilling to holes to the left near where the original AC holes were.
As for the heater hoses, I ended up going to supercheap auto and bought some hoses that were already pre-shaped and just cutting them to length and then fit.
Heater Valve and Heater Hoses (inside cabin to Heater Core)
Connecting other end of the heater valve with L shaped heater hoses (goes from heater valve, routed behind engine and fitted to a 90degree brass fitting.
Next step was to connect the AC hoses. The kit came with the hoses that had fittings already pre-pressed to the them and with some extra fittings to change the setup.
I ended up only using one of the hose that was already pre-pressed and ended up buying different fittings from repco as I required different angles and where the charge ports were located it was facing the fender wall with about an inch of room to allow for charging.
Tools used to press the fittings onto hose. Costed $180.
I ended up relocating one of the charge ports a little further down and angled towards the engine as opposed to the fender wall.
Relocating one of the charge ports as the one that came in the kit, when installed onto the compressor, the port faces the fender wall with only 1 inch of work space (not ideal) so this new one faces the engine instead. See following photo.
Connected all the AC hose fittings to the respective parts.
Fitted the hoses to the compressor.
Condensor hoses fitted.
The drier was mounted on the driver side fender wall.
Drier Fitted to the driver side fender wall.
It came with a binary switch but because I also wanted to activate my dual electric radiator fans for when the AC is turned on, I bought a trinary switch and installed that instead.
Here is what it looks like with AC and Heater Hoses connected.
All the other push/pull rods to go hot/cold vent/defrost are all connected on either side to the original panel.
Lastly, it came down to the wiring and connecting it to the control panel. Following the instructions it was actually straight forward and done within less than 5 mintues.
Connected the wiring according to the instructions. I ended up creating a female plug for this side afterwards.
Connecting the wiring harness and the tacho to get power and ignition for testing for leaks (later).
Connected air tubes and vent.
After testing it all, turning on the engine, checking it for coolant leak inside and out operating the blower motor. It was all OK. Everything reinstalled and dashboard is back in.
So all up, it costed me just over $3000
-AC/Heater/Defrost Kit (including shipping and Taxes)
-AC hose Crimp Kit
-AC hose fittings
-Heater Hoses
Thanks for Viewing all. This was just my experience and what it costed me. I am sure you can all probably find something cheaper or have better methods of installing but all in all, I finally got there and it is working. Thanks for viewing! :)
P.S ive also attached a video of when I was testing the unit too.

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