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I have been a long time lurker and thought I would introduce myself. I have owned a Blue 71 240z (VIN HS3001303) for about 20 years. This was a rare car as it had a white vinyl roof which appeared to have factory or dealer installed.  About 10 years ago the vinyl roof finally dried out and started cracking. I decided I would strip the car down and remove the Vinyl roof and tidy up the shell and give it a refresh. 

Due to panel beater issues and Ipurchasing a new toy to play (Mitsubishi Starion Rally Car) lost motivation.  Yes I am ashamed.

About a month ago I had the opportunity to buy another Datsun 240z Red (VIN HS3001523) from a longtime motorsport competitor. This car has the original engine from my blue Zed.

I am glad to say I have rekindled my love of the 240zs.  

My aim  is to give the red 240z a once over mechanically and a bit of cosmetic TLC and keep driving it. In the background I want to get the blue cars shell repaired / restored and reassembled and reunite it the blue 240z with its original engine. 

I am in Newcastle so if any one can recommend panel beater in the Newcastle / Sydney area it would be greatly appreciated.



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Welcome Chip!
I see you sent through a donation also, so thanks.

I don't think I have either of these cars in my registry/database. So thanks for sharing those details. Always good to find more still out there..

Now you're a donating member you should have access to the registry/albums.


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20 hours ago, Chipp said:

THanks Gav240Z. I am hoping the brains trust can assist  with your valuable knowledge and keep me focused.

ha, my little new born is keeping me busy and away from the cars for now. Covid-19 also set me back 6 months financially, but I'm slowly getting back on my feet and getting settled into my new home. So I am hoping I can resume my projects, make more posts about them and assist with helping to motivate others.

On the plus side, idle time gave me the opportunity to start the HS30 registry which was always a TO-DO item for the last few years. So swings and roundabouts.

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