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Hey all, Some of you may have seen this already on Facebook. This is a project that I have been working on for a while and I wanted to see if there would be any interest in the community for sets of these hamster cage air cleaners.


These are the original Nismo air intake filter boxes. These "hamster cage" style air boxes were originally used in the safari rally car and was later offered as part of the Sports Option parts catalogue. They are very hard to come by even in used condition and are extremely expensive. The reproductions that are available are not that accurate and are way too expensive as well.


I've modelled the assembly as accurately as possible to ensure it will be a true reproduction. I used my NOS set as reference so rest assured the reproductions will be true to their originals. Only minor change I made was to add M3 screws for the filter cage instead of rivets to give access to the filter element. These filter housings will fit Mikuni 44PHH and Weber DCOE 45 carburettors. A triple carb setup requires 3 air boxes, one per each carb.


I need at least 20 sets to be made and sold to keep prices low. I am currently aiming to keep it at 600 AUD per set plus shipping (420-450USD plus shipping). This is a very competitive price considering the original air boxes are NLA and used ones sell for quite a sum.


Depending on feedback I will consider whether to make them or not and come back with pricing so PM me your interest and questions.











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On 11/9/2020 at 9:21 AM, datsunrally said:

Have you identified a paper filter element that will fit these boxes? I currently have a pair on my (non-Zed) car and just used regular Uni Filter socks, but a paper element would tick the original-spec box nicely.

Best of luck with the project!


Hi Jeff,

I haven't been able to locate a suitable paper filter but have been able to find a re-serviceable K&N filter and I have updated the model accordingly. This way more people will have access to the filters and the modification to the model is subtle so that it keeps the original design aesthetics while being more user friendly. In addition I believe the K&N filter will solve the choking issues of the OEM paper filter that many several tuners have encountered with the paper filters.

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