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R hand lower door hinge


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Hi peoples 

When i purchased my 260Z project i received all the bits in boxes, after doing an inventory I discovered i was missing both the R hand door hinges, i then sought to buy some replacements which i did some time ago. Sadly this morning upon trying to install the door for panel fitment and repair purposes i have discovered that the "R hand door hinges" i bought turned out to be a R hand upper and a L hand lower :'( (didn't look hard enough at then at the time). needless to say i that's not going to work too well. 

So i was wondering if anyone might have a lower R hand door hinge they are willing to part with, the car is a '77 260Z two seater, i have attached some pics of the offending L hand hinge for reference. 

Im located in Melbourne.

Also I have a L hand hinge if anyone needs one..... 




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