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When the 240Z was first delivered to me I noticed the gear-stick hole had been cut out (badly) further forward and a later model - Bluebird or 280ZX - gearbox was in the cabin.
As we are returning the 240Z to original specification, I needed to find a 71A box and tailshift - no easy feat as most have been scrapped.

Fortunately after speaking to Les at Les Collins Racing in Oct '22 about this issue, he went on the hunt for an 71A gearbox & TS on the understanding that he would get the job of rebuilding it.
Needless to say he came though!

New Nissan Bulk Rings
New bearings.
New Nissan gaskets & seals
Re-machined and improved shifter mechanism
Hydro-Jet blasted cases
Re-plated fasteners

Rebuilt Tailshaft

And before anyone asks: Yes, it all cost the GDP of a small African nation. But what a piece of jewellery it is!


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On 2/23/2024 at 5:29 AM, C.A.R. said:

This was all done so we could fit ALL the panels back onto the body shell and turn a MASSIVE corner with the project:



Absolutely stunning work as usual! 


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