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Gav calls me at the back half of 2020:
"I've just spoken to a guy in Sydney and he's just started the restoration on #211 - the panel guy he's using says the restoration is too big a job for him
and he asked me for a recommendation, so I forwarded your number onto him. Apparently it's got some serious rust issues."
"Thanks mate. I think..."


The owner - Tony - calls me 15mins later, and he sounds pretty exasperated . The restoration has not started well...
He explains his panel guy in Sydney saw what came back from being blasted and decided it was too big of a job for him. (After seeing it myself, I can't blame him...)
After a long discussion with Tony, I manage to put his mind at ease that - with a serious budget - we can indeed restore it to factory condition and I organize to have the #211 transported down to me, with the caveat that we'll be starting the restoration early to mid '21 - no earlier. 

Ignoring the body 'issues', what arrived was a bit alarming.
While the matching numbers L24 was bolted in the engine bay (just), everything else was in the cabin! And only loosely boxed up...
And I quickly saw some parts were not original...


Into our storage facility it went, while it awaited it turn...


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The matching numbers L24 is being handed over to ‘L Gata Guru’ Les Collins in a few months for a complete rebuild along with the early 4 screw twin Hitachi’s which I dropped off to him today to start on.
The diff will be going off to LCR for a rebuild as well.

I wasn’t surprised when I saw the gearbox in the back of the Z – a 71B.
It should have an A box, and luckily I’ve come across a complete one with its tailshaft, so LCR is getting that to rebuild too.

The body has already been stripped of everything, media blasted and coated in Epoxy.

Some non-original parts have been found - which is mildly alarming - so we'll be on the hunt for original replacements.
Of more concern is the RH front - it's had a major accident in its life and the complete skirt and rail has been replaced with the terrible Oxy/Act welds to boot... 
It'll be getting new engine bay rails along with all new panels from KF Vintage (pictured above).

But the rest of the bodyshell and panels... oh boy... We've got our work cut out for us.
More to come…



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6 hours ago, AndBir said:

I think this "period correct" soundtrack as a background to the video /audio would nicely match how much "Lovin" 00211 is going to need https://youtu.be/xcxYX8KPhGk?t=4 .It is also almost the same length of the walk around video :-)



Love it. That’s what’s needed for the build.


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13 hours ago, C.A.F. said:

Another progress video for all you cool cats and kittens:


4:30 - what if we only watch these videos, to see you play Glory Hole with #211? :D



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RH side of the roof is all welded and linished smooth:

And the left hand side is welded in place too:


I also removed the LH sill yesterday afternoon - there was nothing left of the end of the sill under the bad repairs that made up the dogleg...




The inner sill has to come out too, as both ends are non-existent.
Lucky I have some funky green panels to replace all this...

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10 hours ago, C.A.F. said:

Lucky I have some funky green panels to replace all this...

Hopefully the civil unrest in Columbia does not worsen and disrupt manufacturing at KFvintagejdm.

I see they are hoping to have full rear quarter panels available around Aug/Sept. 

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