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4 x L28 engines 1 x L28 block

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Hi all,

All four engines are now sold. I still have the block available and have now found the crank, rods, pistons, sump and head to go with. Can separate.

I have quite a few L28 engines, whole, partial and parts from my time trying to find a suitable block for my engine build. I initially had two blocks that I bought that were entirely unsuitable for oversized bores, so I went on the hunt for every L28 I could find. All up, I found about ten. Fortunately, the first one of that batch that I pulled apart and had sonic tested was suitable for an 89mm bore, so I now have surplus engines. I was holding onto these but as I will be moving house and will probably have significantly less room for storage, I'll start moving them on. The engines come from various vehicles. All engines were bought as "running when removed" but I cannot guarantee condition. I bought them for the block only.

Items are all pick up from Cranebrook (near Penrith) 2749.

1. SOLD L28 666036 (pictures 1 & 2)

F54 Block/N42 Head

This engine was supposedly rebuilt for a 280ZX project that was never really completed. Judging by it's exterior appearance, this looks to be true. It's very clean. 



2. SOLD L28 747666 (pictures 3 & 4)

F54 Block/N42 Head

This one was bought from a bloke who was also trying to do a restoration on a 280ZX. He ran out of money, space and motivation.



3. SOLD L28 591511 (pictures 5 & 6)

F54 Block/N42 Head

This one was bought from a bloke who had a thing for Patrols and wanted the body but not the running gear. 



4. SOLD L28 581486 (pictures 7 & 8 )

F54 Block/N42 Head

This was bought from someone who had a shed full of Nissan spares and had to cut down, much like myself.



5. L28 064486 (Picture 9)

N42 Block

This was bought from the same guy with the shed full of spares. Block has surface rust inside and bores are at 87mm.














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5 minutes ago, DreamZproject said:

Damn, If you were in VIC I would have taken one. Any chance you ever do trailer trips down?

Unfortunately no, I don't. I'm happy for you to organize for someone else who might be doing one to pick one up if that suits.

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