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KFvintageJDM replacement panels initial review and quality

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Hi all

just thought I would take the time to share my first parts purchase for Sheena! So excited! 

so purchased these rust replacement panels from KFvintageJDM based on a few people speaking highly of the quality on this forum and other forums. And they were not wrong! Initial impressions is that these are indeed high quality panels. But I will let the photos do the talking...

now my car is not at my place so I was unable to make a direct comparison. But I will when I go there next week and post photos. 

Oh no white powder found AndBir! Damn!


pablo the frenchie was not as excited as I was... so I purchased floors, chassis rails, front inner rocker reinforcements, seat mounts, toe and rear boards and outer sills (still waiting on them to arrive, for some reason the two pieces were split up at some point....just arrived in nsw today apparently) 


inner rocker reinforcements look good, fairly oem looking to me (not an expert), I haven’t actually seen mine yet so may not need these but will see, I think I will... there looks to be extra material for trimming and fitting 



LHS toe board fitment looks reasonable. As with any replacement panel work will need to be done to make it fit. (So I’ve read :P) I’m not sure if the flange on the rear and front of the floor pans are extra material to be trimmed, see when fitment comes. 


Rhs rear boards fitment isn’t great, lots of trimming and convincing will be required. To me these looked hand formed not a complete press like the floors. Center bead is pressed.



Rhs rear braces don’t  fit well, however I wasn’t sure on the exact placement/position it’s supposed to be in. LHS seems to be better. Modifications required. Tbh rear braces on my car are so deformed and rusted I don’t know what the fitment is supposed to look like. 




Seat mounts look good, fit well and have the extra bracing skin as well. I don’t know yet whether I need these or whether I can reuse mine, my floors are particularly terrible so I just ordered and can sell them on if I don’t end up using them. 4F3A2EAD-F75E-4427-BF47-D9B3FB793D49.thumb.jpeg.99e15b76b2cb6c07d27d0f4127a96304.jpegFD2A282E-D5DD-4219-8878-CE5BA0D03783.thumb.jpeg.b0a63212db0bc037455a83dbc54a3bd6.jpeg227AAC6F-9E9A-4D8B-B878-8CF7A61AEE9D.thumb.jpeg.0dd47682bb754e864474056e53a91cce.jpegD19D7ABA-E6FA-4445-BFC5-7AEF20AC4D7C.thumb.jpeg.80549c4e31b1e0c29176bddb2c7a63aa.jpeg


front seat rails on both sides are ok but not sure about the gap in the corner on the outer sides. Was there a gap in the corner from factory? Maybe someone experienced can comment?


chassis rails look nice! The ends are hand made and not pressed so there is variation, LHS doesn’t fit as well as RHS. But nothing that can’t be fixed. 


view of the underside of the floor pan. Very oem finish in my opinion, compared to other floor pans on the market. Yet to be seen how it fits though. 

Overall very impressed with these panels. There is evidence that a lot of handforming is done as there seems to be a variance between panels and some welding is visible. But honestly I’m not too fussed. 

I found kfvintagejdm to have very good customer service. Total shipping (including outer  sills which haven’t arrived was $532 USD. Total landed cost in AUD was $2637. Took under two weeks to arrive. 4 days to get from Colombia to Australia and 8 days to get from nsw to perth.....go figure...

Packaging could be improved with a wrap over each floor pan but nothing was damaged so is it really necessary? All other items were wrapped in brown paper and plastic wrapped. Obviously paint gets scratched in transit but paint will be removed before priming anyway.

I will update this post when my sills arrive hopefully in the next week. 


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They look great. More accurate that the z-findings floor pans. I used a set last year. 

The stock seat mounts do have some gaps against the outside edge. That is normal from what I have seen. 

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On 9/15/2020 at 5:14 PM, scotta said:

They look great. More accurate that the z-findings floor pans. I used a set last year. 

The stock seat mounts do have some gaps against the outside edge. That is normal from what I have seen. 

cool I thought as much!

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1 hour ago, 260z blues said:

Was just looking at their site today as I need outer sills and new floor pans, probably chassis rails too. Are the floor pans the same across the 240-260z range or are their some differences?

Don’t quote me but I believe they are the same as all the sites list the panels to suit 69-78 models. 

What about your inner rockers, are they ok? Peel back the vinyl between your door sill and the floor pan, should be a panel with holes in it. Get a torch in their and check it out. 


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  • 1 month later...

So as promised updating this post as I have received the outer rockers and rear hatch panels, panels look great especially outer rockers, very oem. Rockers have captive nuts on inside for front fenders. 

One thing to mention is the rear hatch panel has a pressing in it that is not straight. I’m reasonably sure this is not oem as standard. So if you’re going for concourse level this may not be the product for you. 

Rocker panels took some damage in transit but nothing crazy just a slight bend in the corner. 

Haven't compared the panels to ones on the car so will do that at some point and report back! 


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1 hour ago, C.A.F. said:

Be careful with the information you disseminate young Padawan.
The OEM slam panels ARE slightly curved.

Sorry locky maybe didn’t make myself clear enough, meant the indentations pressed into the panel weren’t straight, not the overall panel itself


See how it is a bit skewiff?

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I don't think that's how they're meant to be. I would be surprised if Nissan made it like that as it doesn't make any design sense. The rectangle-stamping is already notched to accomodate a washer / bolt, so sitting it at an angle serves no real purpose than to piss of anyone with OCD. 

A good top view shot from an original car would be great to see @gav240z


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