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27 spline WRX STI conversion stub axles - No longer availible

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Hi All

I am ordering 2 sets of these from the states this evening and thought i'd offer if anyone else needs, I'll grab at the same time


Our custom stub axles are made from heat treated, 1541H steel alloy forgings. These forgings are roughly 50% stronger than a standard OE axle. They have the Subaru 27 count spline to match the differential and the standard Datsun 4 bolt flange for attachment to the vehicle's original half shafts or WCR CV axles. The stub axles are not supplied with the needed press in studs.

STi Differential Sourcing and Installation Notes:

Below are a few notes and steps to follow that will assist you when installing a Subaru WRX STi R180 differential into your Datsun. This information is accurate to the best of our knowledge but should be verified by the buyer/installer for best results.

  • The differential will have to be from a 2004 to 2020 Subaru WRX STi. It NEEDS to be from the STi model level. The stub axles are not known to work with a differential from a standard WRX or any other Subaru.
  • The stub axles come without the press-in studs needed to attach the half shafts. These are NLA from Nissan dealers and will need to be removed from the original Datsun side flanges and reused. They must be installed BEFORE the stub axles are inserted into the STi differential.
  • The Datsun driveshaft will not bolt to the STi input flange. To correct this remove the driveshaft flange from the original Datsun differential and install it on the STi differential. On the 510/610 sedans this will need to be done before the differential is installed because the STi flange is too large to fit thru the cross member opening.
  • As with all fasteners, follow the manufacturer's torque guidelines for tightening.
  • Subaru WRX STi R180 rear differential sources by year, ratio & LSD type (US Market, may vary in other areas)
    • '04 & '05 - 3.90 ratio, Clutch type LSD
    • '06 - 3.545 ratio, Clutch type LSD
    • '07 to '20 - 3.545 ratio, Torsen LSD


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