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Long time z fan finally hoping to own one...

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Hey good people. I am a long time (i.e. old fart) Z fan from way back when the 240z first came out. I currently own a Forester S edition which is super handy and a bit of a sports machine in its own right but prior to that owned a 2013 Magma Red 370z which was a beautiful car but sold it because I was doing a ton of driving between the Illawarra and Goulburn and the highway driving was killing the duco with stone chips thrown up by trucks etc, and couldn't bear to see stone chips on immaculate paint. So, stupidly, I sold it and bought the Foz which I still have today. A wonderful wagon and very versatile, but I am basically a sport's car fan at heart and am still considering going back to a 370z now that I work in the Illawarra.


Prior to owning the Magma Z, I was very fortunate in buying a 2002 RX7 FD very cheaply. I'd owned a gorgeous red one previously about 15 years before and turned it into a rocket ship before some young guy made me an offer on it I couldn't refuse and sadly, ran it into a tree 12 months later, writing it off. I'll always have a soft spot for the old rotary, and I would have kept it except there are no decent mechanics locally worth a pinch who know anything about them. When I owned the red one, I had to take it into Sydney to have work done on it. However, most stuff on the engine I ended up doing myself. 


My introduction to the 240z happened around 1980 when I was still a teenager. I lived up in Moss Vale back then and there was a car dealership there called Giddings Datsun. Well, I remember one day driving past in my  (not very fast but nice looking) electric blue with yellow side striped 1971, single webbered Ford Capri 1600, when I spotted a red with black bonnet 240z. I had to check it out, of course. I asked the salesman how much and he said probably three grand. He said it had just come in. I asked if I could take it for a test drive and he handed me the keys and said "don't flog it because we don't know anything about it". Well, I remember giving it a spirited drive around town for about ten minutes. I drove it home to my mothers and asked if I should buy it. She said if I can get a loan then why not. However, my brother, who was living a couple of houses up from me at the time checked it out and said not to buy it because it didn't have an original motor in it.

It was a 280c engine with twin webbers (it may have had triples- can't remember) and holy shee-yit did it fly! 

Honest to god I have never forgotten how much fun I had in that ten minutes it that car. I have never been in a car that went that fast before. Even my mildly worked RX7 twin turbo beast didn't have that kind of neck snapping power. (At least that is how I remember it now. But back then, even my sisters Gemini auto was probably quicker than the Capri I was driving around in. I think the only car I can compare its speed to was when a guy took me for a drive in his worked XU-1. The Z was nearly as quick as that. 

So, why the hell didn't I buy it? Friends, that is the question I have been asking myself ever since.  Maybe it was because my brother didn't think it was worth it (if only we had a crystal ball and if only I'd known at the time that a 2.8 litre engine swap was a desirable thing to do back in the day) , and maybe I wasn't working that much, and 3 grand in 1980 was still a lot of money then. But I have never forgotten that little drive I took in that gorgeous z car. 

I guess that brings me to the next stage of this rather long- winded story.  I've been so fortunate to have owned a number of desirable cars that are now big dollar items but were relatively cheap back then.  (I won't bore you with the luckiest find I ever had, picking up a beautiful black xc coupe 351 for $3000 in 1998 that was sitting on the side of the road in Corrimal. Sold it a year later, like a dope.) And I have imported a few cars from the USA over the years, starting with a beautiful 1955 Buick Century coupe that still ran its original 322 nailhead. Yep, sold it.



If you look closely, to the right, you can just make out my beautiful red RX7 FD. Sadly, I lost virtually all of the pictures of it due to a hard drive failure. 

Are you getting the picture here? Anyone have a shotgun they can shove down my throat?  My greatest achievement was taking a 54 F100 custom pickup truck from a non starting roller with a dead 327 Chevy and swapping it to a right hand drive with an xj6 jag front end, full disk brakes, power steering and added air conditioning and t350 auto, new dash, new wiring, gauges, the works and got it fully road registered when nobody in the family believed I could do it. Mind you, it took four years.

And then sold it.... Sheesh. I am so pathetic! 


So now I am on the wrong side of mid fifty and thinking about reviving that old feeling from the 80's., and the only thing that can scratch that itch is another 240z. To be honest, I haven't even bothered looking locally. The prices being asked for a 240z just make my nose bleed, and I am not that scared of converting something to right hand drive. 

I am within a whisker of picking up a neat 1972 240z from the USA. It's gonna take a while to hit town, but I hope to document as best I can the story as to how it all pans out. 

Thanks for welcoming me on board. I have been here for many years, usually under a different username or whatever and mostly as a quiet observer and admirer, but I have really never left the forum.

Bye for now. Wish me luck on the pending purchase, guys!



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