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Datsun 240k gl coupe


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Hey guys, I have a garaged 240k gl coupe that I’m keen on selling... 

resprayed, motor reconned before I put her away, but interior is shot


edit; due to everyone’s evaluation being miles apart... and I mean miles apart... I’m going to clean her up, get her evaluated properly and get an actual base to run off instead of all this guess work. Also, it would be better waiting until after covid, it would be smarter if people actually had the option of checking it out.. 

so I’ll just take your emails and stuff for the time being... 


cheers guys.



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Geez they all come out of the wood work. :)

That's one thing I always enjoy with the classic car scene, the surprises; one just never knows what people have got salted away under their house or in a shed.

So many times I've read of a car enthusiast looking for a long while for a particular model even looking interstate only to eventually find one in the next suburb over that they and their car club never even knew existed. ;D 

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I am an international student , I live in Melbourne, my study finishing soon, I am interested your c110, I am happy to offering you a fair price for that car, it’s my dream car, also i am happy to accept the current condition of the car, my offer will be the highest offer,so just let me know the  highest offer you got , I can go over .my contact number is: 0432422024 ,I am serious buyer and cash is waiting 

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