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11 hours ago, CroS13 said:

Haha congrats on the little one mate!!! I was wondering when it would arrive because you mentioned on my thread you were due soon!

I've started to get "some" time back in the shed now. My little one is pretty chill now (she is 3 months old next week)

On weekends I can usually get up at the crack of dawn to give her a morning feed, put her back to bed and she will sleep for another 4 or 5 hours and that's when I'll sneak into the garage and get as much done as I can.


Cheers rudi! Congrats on making it through 3 months! I found those first 4 months the hardest with my son, in terms of sleep. Hopefully my daughter will be easier cross fingers...

I work 1 week on 1 week off, so always have one day of break set as my Datsun day when the boy is at daycare. Usually get a solid 6 hours at least. Better than nothing. 


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Nice knowing you Ryan - see you in 20 years

Hi all Really looking forward to getting this project moving and getting all of your input and advice along the way! Names Ryan, I have been a lurker on here for a very many years now. I am

Hopefully not too much white powder on the parts to trigger Aus. customs interest 

Posted Images

so despite my daughter arriving I managed to make it to the car to do a bit of spannering, stripped the drum brakes and gave them a clean out, also got the front suspension assembly broken down and ready to bring all components in need of a press to my mates shop. 

I still haven’t decided if I’m going to rebuild drums or go straight to discs. Any thoughts or opinions? 


not sure which is an original 240z cylinder, anyone know off hand? 


After wire brushing the crud off the rear control arm looks like some smart fellow tried to put a jack stand under it. I was thinking I would just finesse the dents straight if I can. 


Outer tie rods were jammed in tight, haven’t tried heat yet but figure I’ll just press them out along with everything else. So just dismantled steering rack at the knuckle. 


anybody know if the silver brackets from the steering rack bushes are meant to be there? They looked like diy aluminum shims  made up. 



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anybody know if the silver brackets from the steering rack bushes are meant to be there? They looked like diy aluminum shims  made up. 

Haven't seen those before, if they look DIY then they must be. Go for the aftermarket urethane bushes, and the steering coupler as well, really improves the steering feel.

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More Xmas presents! Santa has been generous this year...

weatherstrip kit arrived along with rubber and grommet kit all from z car depot. I am 90% confident that the zcardepot kit is straight up the precision kit. All parts are corresponding to precision’s part numbers, arrived in a precision box, some parts did not come in precision branded packets but upon watching some of the precision installation videos on YouTube some of the packaging looks unbranded. Also came with a precision kit packing list. So unless z car depot goes through the trouble of  restickering all their kit with precision part numbers. I’m pretty sure I have a precision kit. What I don’t get is the 200 USD price difference? Zcardepot 289 USD and from precision 468 USD! 

Rubber bumper and grommet kit was a bit of an impulse buy, but contains a lot of parts I assume I’ll need at some stage. 



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Happy new year everyone! Had so much time off over the Xmas/new year break but due to Family commitments, new baby and spending two weeks in WAs beautiful southwest, progress on the car was non existent. 

I managed to strip my rear SU, so plan is now to buy a parts washer and clean everything in prep for replating and vapor blasting. Can’t believe how many individual parts make up a set of SUs! All parts very thoroughly catalogued and organized.

Does anyone know the best place to source oem or equivalent fasteners for SUs? I have some screws with stripped heads etc


I did receive my blemished zstory jdm muffler. Which is a very nice unit, and for 260$ aud shipped I couldn’t resist. I don’t know what my plan is to minimize the blemish just yet. slight damage during shipping but nothing unfixable, may just need to have a machine shop shave the tip. 


im hoping I’m able to make some decent progress this year. 


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