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WTB: 240z/260z

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Time for Mossy to chime in re S30 and Mustang comparison!

Sure, new Mustangs are nice but they are like arseholes......no one notices or cares too much about them...they are just another new car (albeit pretty good looking) that anyone can buy.


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Hi jacksonp2483

There is abguy selling one on ebay for 19k it needs some work but he says it is all there with rb running gear and diff etc. Might be worth a look? 

Gumtree: 1973 Datsun 260Z AWD GTR RB26 Rocket Bunny Project

Please view this ad:

1973 Datsun 260Z AWD GTR RB26 Rocket Bunny Project,

Price: $19,999.99 Negotiable

Download the application from the Google Play Store.

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Posted (edited)

Thanks all for the entertainment. :)

How about a 350Z Track?. $15k or so and you get a Z badge, only two seats and you should  even get a working radio and retractable seat belts for that. Great also for a daily driver.

Now that's good buying for a Z person! Nicer than a new stang too. I wish I had one as well but I've already got too many rego bills to pay..

Or if this thread's more about fishing, then apologies for interrupting. 


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