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280zx L28 vs Patrol L28


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Hi Guru's

I'm trying to figure out what the difference is between the 280zx L28 vs Patrol L28.

From random bits of information I can gather:


  • F54 block
  • N42 head
  • P90 head


  • F54 block
  • P90/P90a head with Hydrolic lifters
  • Cam profile for low end torque
  • Deeper sump

Anything else?

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the harmonic balancers are different between the 2

the patrol sump dips more towards the middle but still works in a S30/S130

block wise it can be N42 or F54 and ive never come across one with a P90 only ever seen N42 heads

the oil tree can be different

Intake manifold is a single 2 barrel

Cam profile is different between the patrol and S30

the flywheel is larger on a patrol

other than that, there pretty much the same internally

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