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Happy new year to you. Locky that is a testimony to your craftsmanship. Thurley beautiful and I'm sure the attention to detail will be just as good if not better as the first impressions the photographs provide when closely inspected. Only negative may be that its now too nice and valuable to drive. 



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Happy New Year Everyone      

Lighting in the workshop wasn't great and doesn't do them justice, but they are just too pretty not to share...

Posted Images

Thanks for the comments everyone ☺️

One thing I will add that's not in the photos - the exhaust. The original secondary's were still there(!), but it was badly welded to a horrible ugly steel press bent rear section with bypass mufflers fitted. The rear muffler was rusted out, so I spoke to the owner about a new system...

I carefully cut away the old system from where it joined the secondary's, then Tig welded on a step joint. Following this I had the secondary's media blasted, then I gave them a coat of exhaust paint.

The rest of the new system I made out of 304 stainless steel 2inch mandrel bends, with straight through 2inch mufflers. I even retrofitted the original(!) S/S tip - this had managed to stay on the car all these years! Even though it's a straight through system it's still nice and quiet. And it'll never rust!






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Hello CAF. Great to see a quality job finally come to life.

I started down this road in May 2018 and only got my shell back last September. Still reassembling.

My car had one of those factory passengers side foot rests and due to being bolted through the carpet the floor was stuffed.

Has cost me $55,000 just for rust and paint. I can do all the mechanical work so I shudder to think what the total cost would be if you were paying someone to do everything.

I am very lucky that my wife has been fully supportive through all the heartache.

Question-what brand is that rear SS muffler and where did you get it?

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