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Good evening all,

I'm not sure what to call my project, it not really a restoration, more of a reassemble and refurbishment.

I was luckily enough to become the owner of a very straight example of a 1972 240z. The guy i bought it off had the car for about 15 years. When doing the body/ paint work there were only a couple of minor rust repairs to be made. The shell was then sitting in a shed for the last 6 years untouched and collecting dust (does this count as barn find? :P)

The car came with a good chunk of the interior parts already refurbished (seats, dash etc) these have been mixed in with good condition original parts.  

I picked up the car on Saturday evening, and got it safely home Sunday afternoon. The evenings this week have all been about sorting out my garage and parts. Then delivering the parts to dad (who is helping with the project). He has been cleaning them up as we go, so when the time comes we can just assemble.    

Once we do this, i will have a better idea of what parts i need to find to put her back together. 












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Nice, I'd call it a revival or reassembly. Since restoration usually means going back to original.

Good luck, rust work is the hardest part of fixing these cars I find. So this should be relatively straight forward provided someone can guide you who is familiar with these cars.

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By the way if you get a chance I'd love to know the VIN no. 72s are actually quite thin on the ground.

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Welcome, sounds like a great project. Looking forward to seeing updates as you progress :)

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Good evening,

So over the last week and a half we have been trying to clean/ revive as many parts as possible and now have a better idea of the parts i am missing.  I cant wait to start installing. 

I also had chance to have a good look at the body of the car, inspected sills, under body etc. Noticed that there was a heap of media/sand in one of the outer sills. Spent a couple of evenings trying to vacuum all the media out. I managed to get majority of it out. I attached some old radiator hose on the vacuum cleaner to protect the paint and the get more of the media out.

I also decided to drop the front end (suspension, steering rack etc.)  to clean and repaint (job for this weekend). 






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