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Trouble with standard R180

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Hello all,

To start off, I'm not much of a diff guy, so here goes

I noticed that I'm starting to get a bit of a clunking noise from the diff on

1. when taking off in reverse

2.on sharp gearchanges

what's been done?

  • g.box fully rebuiilt
  • new universals all round
  • new diff mount ( series 1, forward diff, too me ages to find a replacement)

no grinding/whining noise from the diff otherwise  ( when coasting in neutral)

i had a look at this great youtube video 

and i defintely dont have all the tools 

so my question is

1. what could it be ?

slop in the crown/pinion?

worn pin in the centre "spider"

2. is there a good diff guy in melbourne?

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The std mount can still stretch, enough to make the nose of the diff rise up and hit the strap.
Replace the Nylon strap or use a length of chain with rubber hose over it.

If that doesn't fix it, the diff internals are probably worn and need replacing.

A diff guy - call Les Collins in Warragul.
He's rebuilt more R180's then he himself can remember... 

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thanks, i'll give him a call.

in the video, the guy gets the whole job done in about an hour, so it looks easy for someone who knows what they re doing


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