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Australian compliance marks in engine bay?

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So something I have noticed in my 71 240z is these black sharpie marks in the engine bay. I had seen it once before on another car. HS30 00004 refer to red engine bay.

Has anyone seen this on other AU market cars at all?

I'm wondering if it has anything to do with the import / compliance process?

I ran it by Alan @HS30-H but he had never seen it before, so that's why we think it could be AU compliance specific.





Car Engine Bay 0041.jpg

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Very interesting.. can't be too many other Z's out there with original paint in the engine bay still. So I wonder if anyone else has seen this?

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A friend of mine met a fella who owns #151 and it got me looking at the car again and I noted the engine bay had same markings.

Still don't know what they signify.


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