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Timing chain tensioner

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I am after some advice please.

I have had my head done up and is now tensioned down.

I am following the book "How to rebuild your Nissan Datsun OHC engine by Tom Monroe.

When it comes to install the timing chain tensioner he says "don't forget the gasket.

I don't remember seeing a gasket when I pulled it down.

I have a FelPro engine rebuild gasket set and there is nothing that looks like it.

I had bought a timing chain kit by OSK from Zcar Depot and it comes with everything except a gasket for the tensioner.

Neither Zcar Depot or Motor Sport Auto list a gasket.

So I am assuming it is metal to metal.

Does anyone know for sure?

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Thanks my_mad_z.

Earlier today I rang Stewart Wilkins in Sydney and he said they used to have them years ago but not any more.

He said to just give a light smear of Permatex or some sealer.

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