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1975 Fairlady Z 2 seater - PARTING OUT - SOLD


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1 hour ago, Michael said:


Hey guys, 

Long shot I know. I was the one who purchased the shell of the Fairlady Z in this post. 

Repairs have been going Reasonably well. And I'm wondering if the other person that purchased the dash, Has installed it in there Z or 

is willing to part with it. 

- Cheers Mick. - Also apologies if this is not the correct way of trying to relocate the part on the forum. - Mick. 



Do you specifically want that dash or just a suitable dash? A 260z dash will work and can be restored.

PS: Fixed the images in the original post.

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Cheers Gavin, Ideally, That specific dash. If not available. it would be great to get some detailed shots of the stitching(is it black?) so I can get someone to reproduce this finish. Relatively closely. I Just received the auction photos from when it was sold in  japan and would somewhat like to keep the interior taste as how it was recreated then. 


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Hey Mick 

I never ended up selling the dash so I just ended up using it in my 240z race car. Not 100% original but it was too nice of a dash not too use. Unfortunately though I cut it up too fit around the roll cage so it’s not really suitable for your application I don’t think. 

thanks Matt 




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Ah Matty,

All good brother. Happy just to know its not going to pop back up for sale and make me pull out another dashboard :P 

I managed to pick a 260z dash up off another member awhile ago, Repaired and flocked as you suggested Gavin, It's okay, But if the opportunity was there to pick up the original dash I couldn't have resisted. Thanks again fellas for getting back to me, And for the alternative suggestions Gav. 

-Cheers Mick. 

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