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Hi guys, 

got 2 twin su’s for sale

first one is a dome top twin su, looks to be 240z but can’t find any markings saying it’s a hitachi. Maybe British? Off a Alpha or Rover? Plus the top looks abit short to be hitachi. Comes on a L6 manifold. 

Unknown condition. Butterfly and linkages moves freely. I’m after $300, offers welcome.


second one is a 260z flat top twin su emissions type.

Unknown condition. Butterfly and lingakes move freely. Got all the hoses for it. I’m after $200 for this one, or offers 

Pictures attaches below 

pick up south east vic 










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Can you measure carbs 1 3/4" or 46mm ? Are they SU carbs? 

I require pair of SU HS6 1 3/4" carbs for L20B don't need manifold 

would offer $200 for the pair as I will have to recondition 

Tony 0427 316 770 

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They will be 1 3/4" british HS6 SU's.

Definitely genuine british SU's, and 4 bolt mounting means they aren't 1 1/2" HS4's (they only have two mounting holes set diagonally).

You can mount the 1 3/4" SU's to the standard SSS manifold (if you're using that for your L20B) by only using two of the four holes in the HS6 carbs. Needs a lot of work with die grinder to open the ports up in the manifold though (see pic). Can also get a Lynx manifold that is made for the bigger carbs on a 4 cylinder L-series.


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Thanks 1600Dave ,. I have. A lynx manifold, to use. I will have to figure a way too shorten throttle linkages as I only have bare manifold .

or find SSS  linkages . And then original SSS air cleaner for Victorian   roadworthy ( must vent crankcase breather to inlet ) 


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Tony22 sorry havent had the time to measure it. Can do this weekend if you’d still want.

$200 seems fair. 

Thanks 1600dave for that info. Appreciate it.


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