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Wags’ 240z nut and bolt restoration


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24 minutes ago, C.A.F. said:

I'm glad to see it will be 'mirroring' the original.


I don’t know why you made me get another one...that one looks mint! And the dent on the back was for efficiency after extensive wind tunnel testing.

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59 minutes ago, C.A.F. said:

Diff is based around a late model MR30 Skyline unit with a 3.9 ratio - it'll be going in tomorrow ;)

Locky at CAF has has the oversight and the vision to bring this all together. Props to that man!
Not long to go now folks!

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So the wiring harness caused Jon and I some consternation - when I got the wiring loom out to install it into the freshly painted body it struck me that this was probably unwise to put a 48yo wiring harness back into an effectively new car...
I spoke with Jon and he agreed that something should be done about it, so I called Vintage Wiring Harness's to enquire about a new loom.
I was rather taken aback when I was told it was a 6 month wait for a new loom!
But upon reflection, this is not out of the ordinary for the restoration industry at the moment.
After informing Jon of this he rang around all the numbers in the phone book looking for a company that could make us a new loom, but it was the same story - they were all booked out for months.

In a last ditch attempt to rectify the situation, I spoke with a fellow forum member and Z owner to see if he would be interested in at least refurbishing the original loom for us, as he is a bit of a wiring guru and Jon's Z loom was in good, original condition - and thankfully he said yes.
All new plugs (where available) were replaced along with the pins, then it was all lovingly retaped in proper loom tape - no electrical tape here.
It was also a damn sight cheaper than a complete new loom...

So that's the story of Jon's 240Z loom!





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I'm concentrating on the fuel system at the moment as some customization is required, due to the triplets.

On the engine dyno, Les Collins ran the fuel in from the rear of the engine, but because the factory fuel hard lines are being used I need to run the fuel lines in from the front.
Les was against this idea due to heat soak from the radiator causing vapor lock and wanted me to run the fuel across the back of the firewall or across the top of the radiator support panel. I understand Les's concern, but both options are unsightly and difficult to implement neatly.
Now I could just use rubber hose and P clips to run from the fuel filter on the RH side of the engine bay and across the front of the tappet cover, but that's unsightly and unprofessional so I decided to make my own short fuel rail from some 3/8" (8mm) bundy tube.


I've since remade this again with the mounts being silvered soldered on instead of the unsightly TIG welds (bundy is difficult to weld nicely!)
I'll be adding some heat shielding to it once it's come back from plating.

Second problem was the straight fuel banjo fitting on the front Weber - it needed to have a 90deg bend on it to point at the new fuel rail.
I called Weber Performance to see if a suitable fitting was available but Daniel informed me no such fitting exists. Bugger!
My only option was to cut and rotate the banjo fitting. First I dipped the fitting into Hydrochloric acid to remove the plating, then - sweating bullets - I carefully cut the end off the fitting at 45deg.
This would then allow me to rotate it to 90deg. I then TIG welded it into position at the correct orientation.
A quick leak check and it can now go off to be replated.



The fuel pump is a 'pusher' Pierburg rollercell item rated to 600hp (should be 'just' adequate) and this needs to be mounted as close as possible to the fuel tank with a 30micron pre-filter before it. There's not much room to make it a neat install, so watch this space...

Also because of the higher pressure the Pierburg delivers, a fuel pressure regulator is now required.
I procured a Malpassi FPR from Weber Performance and I've mounted it on a bracket just below the fuel filer on the RH inner skirt (photo to come).

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Now onto the seats: 

So we have brand new foams and brand new black seat covers to go to the trimmers to be fitted. Now for a little TLC on the seat frames and sheet steel backing. Locky will have them sand blasted then painted. Good as new!




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Posted (edited)

More updates:

Guard seals on;

guards on;

Wiper motor and bracket installed.


Locky is going to sure up the gaps on the guards once again and they are good to go. Getting closer to being ready for an external paint.





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