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400z is Coming, apparently


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4 hours ago, hmd said:

I've put a 1K refundable deposit.

Will see what pricing they got and decide for a daily.

It will be collectible in about 30 years ;D

That's if we can still drive petrol cars then :o

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1 hour ago, OdinZ said:

I would say chalk and cheese. 

I wouldn't think this would be a collector's car, I assume if will be mass produced like the 350z & 370z. If they do Nismo versions, they might be worth collecting. If I was in the market for one, it would be a daily, or something I would definitely drive very regularly.

You can always put a deposit down now, and then if you change your mind later, get a refund, I believe they are refundable anyway. 

Yeah good point on the refund, Ill give it a go, happy to see what the final prices will be. 

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7 hours ago, JDM-TOY said:

Been thinking about it but not sure. Its nice but is it really worth all the hype? 

Is it comparable to the S30 chassis, never but again its paying tribute to the history of the cars past. But would this be something to collect or daily.

Tooo many questions 

Im half hearted but would love to upgrade my daily, or again should I wait lol

It's going to have pretty good bag for the buck because basically it's a 370Z chassis so Nissan have kept costs down there. So to me it all depends on the price and chassis improvements because the 370Z was never a good track car and not because it was under powered. The only good track Z is the S30 and that's disappointing.

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Apparently there will only be a limited 250 Proto models in the yellow available for the Australian market.

Everything in the car is the same except the Proto comes with launch control, Bose sound system, custom bronze Rays wheels and the obvious yellow paint with black top. 

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