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HS30 101368 is listed for sale.




This is an Australian delivered matching numbers car.  The previous owner bought it in 1976 and we bought it from him in 2017.  It has had been in storage since then waiting to be restored.  Plans have changed and we are looking to move this onto its next owner.

The car was originally orange, but somewhere along the line it has been repainted white.  The paint job was not great to start with and has not aged well at all.  The engine compartment and interior of the car still show orange.  There is some rust on both the driver and passenger floor - its not rotten though.  Replacement floor panel kits can be sourced from USA at $500.  Apart from this and some minor rust in the lower doors and fenders, the car is surprisingly rust free.  The body is still very straight with no dents to speak of.  All glass is in place and still good.  The windscreen is cracked, but there is a new screen that comes with the car.

The engine starts and runs (video available) although the fuel is old and stale. The 5 speed manual gearbox selects all gears with no excessive play in the shifter.  The hydraulics on the car are not working at the moment.  A new clutch master cylinder has been fitted and we have ordered a new slave cylinder to get the clutch working.  The brakes don't work and may possibly bleed up.  The handbrake works well.  The tyres on the jellybean mags are old and cracked.  I can't comment too much about the suspension but the car sits level and there is no excessive play in the steering.

Its rare to find a project like this with an uncracked dash.  All original gauges and switch are present with the original radio still fitted to the car.  The seats are still in their original vinyl and are split and torn in a few spots.  The carpets are old and need replacing.  The rooflining and pillar trim are all good, as is the diamond patterned vinyl on the tunnel and rear quarters.

This is definitely a project requiring full restoration, but everything is there and original.  Happy to answer any questions on the car and have loads more photos available on Dropbox.


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On 6/2/2020 at 2:04 PM, gav240z said:

Deposit Taken 

Seems like a honest car that needs some TLC to bring it back to its glory 


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