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That 1600 Sports is sold pending payment in case anyone was interested


Not surprised that it sold so quickly, certainly looked like a great opportunity.

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Actually that's not a bad price, considering.... I've found a few in Japan for close to $50-$60K.

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Looks like this 1 met it's maker....




Back on Gumtree missing a few sections.



At $1000 which for the roof turret alone is not bad. Could use the rest for a LHD to RHD conversion?








260z damaged shell for sale, only good for ur rusty z repairs or if ur really that keen to bringing her back to life, everything is possible. the floors, legs and back has been cut out as you can see in the pictures...however, plenty of good skin left over..pls note: no other parts are for sale, only the shell.

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hey guys, im george and new to the forum but not to z's loll had 3 of them for more then 15 years, im the owner of the silver 260z damaged shell, i tried to introduce my self and also put the car up here first  however after so many attempts, it didnt go through so i gave up loll....the accident happened years ago when 260z'z where worth nothing. so i wasn't gonna spend thousands fixing it when i could buy a complete one for $5000 max..so i decided to use it as a donor and save the other one i have sitting in my shed.it was hard to see her in that state cause i just finished the resto on it and got caught on a set of traffic lights, a guy hit me from behind and pushed me in 4 cars up the hill. the z really saved my life. however its time to let her go and help other z guys with there build. i just finished last year my other z resto and enjoy driving it every weekend lol so sydney z boys hurry up so we can cruise loll. the car isnt written of cause neither the guy or me had insurance at the time so it can still be registered. im happy to help out other z guys, like i said it still has plenty of healthy skin, specially where most zeds rust.

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hi Gav ill give it a go, maybe  it will go through this time , if not hopefully ill meet you guys at your next sydney z meets.


Yeah sorry anti-spammer settings on the forum are designed to keep spammers from posting nonsense on the forum, but they also make it more difficult for less computer savvy members to figure out how to join and get started. I'm working on migration to new software at the moment and I'm sort of hoping it will be more user friendly.

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Based on current demand this will not last long even at this price:
































1971 Datsun 240Z


2 registered owner, 54,000 mile car.


Collector and concourse car, numbers matching.


Unmodified, unmolested, original 240Z with absolutely no rust, all original factory suspension markings, original struts.


Only ever painted once externally in 1992 and still holds up extremely well, paint is almost immaculate except for a couple of paint blemishes.


Engine literally runs like clock work, doesn't blow smoke, doesn't use oil, original carby's stay in tune and deliver great performance and economy, doesn't overheat, simply a trouble free sports car.


Drives like new.


Unrestored interior is almost mint.


Engine bay is spectacular.


Original radio, original hubcaps, original headlights, etc, etc, etc.


Everything works as it should, choke cable, radio and lighter, apologies for the clock, unfortunately that doesn't work.


This would have to be one of the best original 240Z Datsun's in the country.


Open to offers, unsure of value, I'm sure it's of value to a true enthusiast.


Advertised to sell, first to see will buy.


This is a drive and enjoy classic Japanese vehicle that is extremely rare.


If you a serious buyer, please contact me through the Carsales enquiry system and I will return your call as soon as possible.

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Wow, if it is as honest as it is represented to be, it will sell quickly.


Not sure about wtwo things

- the paint outs on the rocker cover.

- the hubcaps look very shiny.

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Fantastic, love 907 green and this certainly looks like a well kept example. I suspect with the hammering the AU$ is taking right now this car will appeal to a UK buyer or European (RHD) country?


But hopefully stays local, it's not a car I've seen before which is kind of a shame as I'd like to see cars like this more often.


If the last 1 sold for $35k within 24 hours, I suspect this will be gone just as quickly.

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I don't believe there are state based markets any more when it's easy to go interstate now.


Yep, this isn't the property market.


Green one looks great. If I didn't own one I'd be on a plane down to see it today.


Jealous of the soon-to-be-new owner!

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A common request that I have had from interstate calls that I have had for my car is to ask for the price to be dropped due to being interstate and the costs that they will incur to travel to inspect the vehicle and then have the vehicle shipped.


Other thing that I have noticed is the difference in what buyers expect to pay for a vehicle based on state.  There is a slight discrepancy and maybe I am giving it more merit than its statistical significance would actually warrant.


Or maybe I just haven't had the right person see my ad. ;)

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I think that there is very little difference between values in east coast capitals. Perth & Hobart seem to be a little different due to percieved complications over distance, the same applies for remote areas. How many of us have seen something advertisied and thought that could be worth a look, but is too hard to get to ?


As an example when I recently purchased an vintage car the vendor commented that he had had a number of enquiries but they had all been put off by the fact the car was more than 100ks from the nearest airport.


just my 2c worth.






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Interesting Point.  But, if there is such high demand and desire to own a car, and very little supply, personally, I wouldn't worry about the final distance I would have to travel to view the car.  I know how hard it was for me to purchase my car.  Thankfully, the main reason that I was able to purchase it was that others weren't willing to travel the distance.


Anyways, back to sitting patiently by the phone for the right person to call me up....

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