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Am I About To Waste $3000?


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Please, if there is something glaringly obvious I am missing bring it up and let me know!
This will be my first time sizing new wheels for a car and while I've tried to do as much research as i can I still feel like I'm going to get it wrong. 
It also doesn't help that I've been unable to find a local supplier of these wheels ( me to go in an have a good chat to. 

Anyway to begin. 
I'm fairly sure the dimensions of the current wheels on my car (stock?) aaaare 14 x 5J +15 all round
with these I've got about a 20mm & 40mm gap between the wheels and the front/rear guards respectively  

So that's whats on at the moment and where I'm looking to head up to is with 16's to fit in a front brake upgrade.
On the front I'm looking at 16 x 7.5J +6 (M type disk)  which I've calculated will protrude roughly 20mm past the guards 
On the back I'm looking at 16 x 9J -20 (L type disk) which I've calculated will protrude roughly 46mm past the guards 

Things to note
-I'm looking to keep my front's fairly narrow to help keep the steering feeling light
-also looking to get the wheels out a bit further than the body of the car

Now questions ...... I have them 
-Is the 26mm difference in offset okay?
-Will the change in disk type be an issue?
-Is a 1.5" jump in width too much?
-from the site provided can you see a better rim combination ?
-Am I Just going to be pissing away my cash going down this path?


I don't have an automotive background or much experience in restorations but god damn I love the S30's and i reckon they are one of the meanest, coolest and sexiest cars out there! I want to learn as much as I can from this car.
(pic attached is my car just in case those wheels aren't stock)

please be gentle


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Hey Mate

Many S30 owners run 7” - 8” wheels with 0 offset and they remain just inside the guards, pending tyre choice of course.

I run a couple different wheels sets on my 240z

Road wheels are 15x7 0 offset with 205/60/15 tyres and they stay completely inside the guards.

Track wheels are 15x8 +4 offset with 225/50/15 tyres. They are just inside the guards but I have been getting tyre scrubbing on the wheel arch lip under heavy cornering and over bumps. Hopefully this will get rectified with rolling the inner lip of the guards. Its also worth pointing out that I also have about -2.5’ camber which pushes the tyre out slightly compared to standard.


Im assuming you intend to have flares? As I don’t think it is legal to run the tyre proud of the guard?

I’m not sure what you mean by m and l type discs?

I can’t see a link to a website?

Personally I wouldn’t go for your chosen offsets but, I’m not sure I understand the look you are trying to achieve.


Where are you located? Maybe try and catch up with some other z owners and look at their wheels, before laying down the cash.


These photos are with the track wheels the night before the - camber got dialled in.




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I was running 17x8.5 +4 offset and they fit perfectly in the rear under the guards, the front would only fit with a lower profile 205 tyre (compared to the 235's on the back) 235's will fit on the front if I trim the front valence a little though!

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