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240Z Rb25Det Oil Sump

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Hi guys,

Im in the process of doing an rb25 swap into my 240z and was wondering if anyone knows of someone who makes modified oil sumps for this swap so I can buy.

I noticed a guy named Nat0 was making them but I havent been able to get in contact with him. does anyone have his details so I can contact him or know of anyone else who does these?



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Look for a rear bowl RB30 sump. Out of older Patrols and 200zr  My sump hung low (150mm off the ground) so I shortened and widened it.


Or you can buy new ones from the states - Mckinney motorsports and a few other companies have them - CX racing i believe.

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I put an RB in my car and spent a bit of time looking at options.I couldn't find anything in Aus so decided to make my own.


There a couple of people selling patrol sumps a few months back. They were $100 to $150 each. I think they would work, but would need some mods.You would need to chop that lower section off and then alter the pickup. I considered buying one, but because I'm going racing I wanted some baffles in mine and so decided not to.


Patrol sump.


RD sump

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