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71 240Z $7000

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Model: Eg: 240z, 10/ 1971



Required Location: Sydney




Required Price and Payment Conditions: Cash

Item condition: poor needs restoration


Car has all panels


Guards have rust in bottoms


Missing drivers glass and chrome trim on top of doors


Matching number engine on Australian compliance plate


Vin# 1294


Dash cracked but complete with gauges


Car is stripped in parts


Has rust in various places


Comes with new drivers floorpan ready to weld in


Comes with complete front cut off another vehicle ready to weld in


Comes with roof cut sections for any rust repairs there


Bonnet has dent one side at front


Carbies removed from motor but in a box


Rust in passenger a- pillar


Rust holes in spare wheel well, have spare 260 2+2 if you wanted section cut


All mechanicals in car


Is original manual gearbox car and comes with manual box in it


Comes with new sheet metal sill, not that there too bad


Dog legs look ok but might be rusty under paint? Sandblasting would tell.


Has seats but need new trim


Most trim there but some cracked as they did


No door trims, there might be old ones but not very good if there there.


Has front and rear screens and side rear glass just missing drivers door glass


Has good tail lights


2 good doors, think there rust free


All tags on car

Body: Rust in a pillar and drivers floor and rad support

Mechanical: Rolling Shell, with engine and manual box Requires towing etc..

Registration: No


Extra Info: matching engine and tags 240z l24

Contact Details 0424436629

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