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Datsun 240Z 260Z Coolant Pipe, 3 Way Water Pipe, Connector For Heater Hoses


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Hi there, I would like to purchase one of these heater hose connectors. I would also like to purchase the longer one that goes around the back of the motor if you have these.



Hi John, 

Unfortunately I cant really get these ones , some versions do still appear to be available out of the US.

I do have in stock the elbow fitting for the heater hose that screws into the cylinder head.


I have pm'd you



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About 5 years ago I walked into Nissan spare parts and asked for this 3 way pipe along with the pipe that ran around the back of the engine.


We found the part numbers on the microfiche and he ordered them for straight on the spot... not sure if anyone can still try Nissan themselves.

Gav as for the pipe you're talking about, I think it may be much faster to find a suitable pipe, buy new screw plug fasteners, and go to a brake shop and get them to flare the ends of the pipe with the fasteners on it.  I doubt anyone would pick up that it's not original once it's been used for a while - obviously just want a metal that can take the heat and not expand/contract too much.


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Thanks I've dropped the manifold off to Lachlan in Warragul who is going to have the parts blasted and re-plated. I suspect he knows of a source for that center pipe. I agree on the originality aspect, nobody would know. :D

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Getting a bit off track from the original post here...


Gav...is this the pipe you are referring to?  on the two carbie manifold stets that I have the " pipe" is  10mm OD tube.... I bought some from a hydraulic shop in town and it was zinc plated. 

There is no flaring but a rubber ring is used part number 14013-73400 and this would allow for expansion. I cant find the two rubber rings at the moment...must be in super storage 

aka lost :-[.

I hope this helps.

IMG_1511 (002).JPG

IMG_1512 (002).JPG

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On 10/25/2017 at 11:12 AM, Gtv240z said:

Datsun 240z 260z Coolant Pipe, 3 way water pipe, connector for heater hoses 


Genuine Nissan part

Free postage Australia wide



Hi, Do you still have any of these pipes available pls?

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