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Wtt 240Z Or 260Z

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Hi Everyone, 


I'm looking to trade my 2006 VW Golf 2.0TDI, which is in great nick, for a 240z or 260z 2 seat.


Now Im not looking for a pristine car as I understand that is a completely unreasonable trade. What I am looking for is a car that needs some work but can be run for my small trips to uni and around my suburb. I could make some cash adjustments but would like to make a straight trade if possible. I am of course not fussy about what is under the hood as long as it runs ok. 


This will be an ongoing project for my dad and I to work on together. I was looking to get one 5 or so years ago but just didn't have the assets. Over the last few years Ive watched the price of the car unfortunately grow just as fast if not faster than my assets so I thought I'd chuck up this post to see if anyone was interested and try my luck. If anyone has any ideas on what I should do or is/knows anyone looking for a fuel efficient comfortable car that is relatively swift when it needs to be then I'd love to hear from you.


Cheers in advance,



P.s: I'd also be super interested in hearing anyones interesting stories about their first rebuilds/restos when they were younger!

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Well, what's a 2006 Golf worth retail, about 6 to 8K? Sorry but the blunt truth is that you'll probably need four times that amount, or more, to get into an unrestored 2-seater Zed that is scruffy but driving and usable.

The 2+2s are more affordable, they don't command quite the same money, worth a look at and with the fold-down seat and extra load area are the more practical option for many people.

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I don't want to rain on your parade, but as gilltech says the value of the Golf is a LONG way from the value of Z.


The golf would be worh $8k tops, if it was absolutely immaculate (dealer trade value about $5k)


Fir a good registered Z

A 2 seater Z, $30k upwards

A 2+2 $15k upwards


So a 2+2 that needs work would apprar to fit your budget.


Then there is the cost of restoring, as the sayng goes "think of a number and double it"


Maybe place an ad online for the Golf at the price you are after and see how much interest you get, then start the hunt for Z.






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