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Nsw & V8 For Rego


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Anyone know or have experience with registering a V8 in NSW.? Looking at a 260z 2 Seater and what is the largerest capacity engine can legally fit for rego and engineering. I see the old old 5litre floating around. Can you still V8 them.?

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This has been discussed before in a few threads, but in summary 5.0 in a 2 seater cannot be easily done anymore due to lower weight of the 2 seaters.


The best things for you to do is read through the VSB14 Guidelines, then talk to an Services NSW approved engineer BEFORE you start doing anything. The engineer is one who will ultimately determine what can and cannot be approved for road use in NSW




Especially NCOP3 with particular attention to Table LA1 on P11


Scoota put 302C in his 2+2 have a look at his "Project Lucinda" thread to get an idea of the job.










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Got me beat why more didn't put the all alloy ( lighter than a six cyl Nissan) Leyland 4.4 litre V8 into more Z's.

You can still buy these today, brand new, in crates, and they are easily punched out to five litre.

They were also fitted to the Nissan President, an vergrown 280C Sedan!

If you like old school!

Or modern Nissan V8, VQ44? ( oh look,,, still that same 4.4 litre!)

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You can actually put a 6.0L in one legally but that's the limit.


It's been covered a few times like the guys say and easier to do considering your looking at a 260Z.



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