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More Gearknob Inserts


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hi Gavin received my gear knobs on Monday thanks mate appreciate it.


also does anybody know of the exact dimensions of the original gear shift knob for a 240Z/260/z  I have a wood lathe and I'd like to make a couple up . any help is appreciated



and some dimensions for 260z knobs etc.. in here.




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Thanks Gav, i got mine today, they look great,


Also not to keen on the red insert you have had made up, a long way from the originals


Thanks and I agree the red could be closer to the original. I will send the original button to the maker to see if they can get a closer match.


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Bloody hell - again. I can't believe the number of these buttons you're selling.   ???

Just what are people doing to the originals on their cars that they all need replacing?

 I only need to sell 100,000 and I've made $1M at $10 each lol..


As to what happened to all the originals? I assume replaced with some tacky Autotecnica knob from autobahn :P

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Hey Guys the gear knob i have has a larger hole to fit the incert and the ones Gavin sent (not your fault mate) are smaller and dont fit. Are there any gear knobs floating around that are the 240z ones that someone has a extra to sell?



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I know its been a long time any left ????



if anyone has an original (look like a lot were changed or lost?) I would be prepared to buy

providing they were complete

thank you

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I would need to look,  but I don't think so. I did look at having more made, but not sure of demand. Probably not a bad idea to make a few more.

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