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More Gearknob Inserts


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Hey Folks,
If you missed out on the freebies here, don't worry I have some more. Member Enzo has donated a bunch to help raise funds for hosting the site.

Here is how it will work.

Each button / insert is priced at: $10.
If I use the right envelope postage within Australia at most should be: $5 (not tracked, not insured).

You can order more than 1 at at time to save on postage, there is around 49 left.

I do not want to run to the post office to mail these out individually (it's time consuming to package, post and write down address details etc..), instead I'll collect everyone's payment and will post them all in 1 go. So I'll need your postage details also. PM is probably best.

Details I will need from you to post these.

1. Name (Full Name)
2. Address to send items to.
3. Contact Phone (optional but may be helpful).
4. Quantity of inserts desired.

Keep in mind that as Enzo pointed out these may not last 30-40 years, but in a car driven as often as an S30Z we hope you'll get at least a few out of them. The quality is in my opinion better than those I got from ZCarDepot in the US. Who knows how long either will hold up though?

You can find gearknobs on eBay US (4 speed ones) and remove the old button and glue these down.

I want to give local members first dibs at these, before I offer to send them outside Australia.

Buyer List
1. qhongtran (qty: 1) - Paid
2. PeterH (qty: 3) - Paid
3. G (qty: 2)
4. GongZ (qty: 2)
5. Hitcho (qty: 1) - Paid
6. Rickers (qty: 2) - Paid
7. Gareth (qty: 1) - Paid

8. CraigZ (qty: 2) - Paid

9. zed280zx (qty: 1) - Paid

10. RobDC (qty: 2) - Paid

11. Zedstar (qty: 2) - Paid

12. Royal44 (qty: 1) - Paid

13. biggels240z (qty: 2) - Paid

14. Therambleman (qty: 1) - Paid

15. rajon1972 (qty: 7) - Paid

16. adam (qty: 1) - Paid

17. datoman (qty: 1) - Paid

18. Scotty_Rah (qty: 2) - Paid


Remaining: 0.


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Just an update, right now just looking to collect a list of buyers and quantity wanted. I'll send payment details once we've met quota.


I am trying to offer these locally first, if interest stalls and I still have some left I'll start offering them to buyers outside of the club.

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I've been trying to avoid this thread, temptation is too high!


I'll take two... :)


No problem, great Avatar too! Had a good laugh.

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Ok down to 34 left, I want to give locals a chance to grab these first before I offer them up to some other interested parties on Facebook and mostly North America.


I'll give it another 7 days then I'll start offering them up abroad.

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Quick bump,

Some folks have asked for payment details. I'll send everyone either a.) bank deposit or b.) paypal options once we have filled the quota of inserts.


Just an FYI, but this Used knob sold for $344...crazy.


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