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What Did You Do On Your Z Today?

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I used a fine hacksaw and a gas torch to remove mine (carefully burnt the rubber bushing cores out). A long slow but effective process. That was more than 3 decades ago, they were well seized up when the car was only about 12 yrs old.

I installed new pins and bushings with generous amounts of copper grease as advised by a mechanic friend. They are still free to this day, I've checked. I wonder whether Nissan used any lubricant at all.

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Picked up my engine on Saturday, installed it yesterday and hopefully have it all wired and ready for a retune and run in next weekend.

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Sometimes they come free with ease. Other times you need to force them out and can be a massive pain in the butt.

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36 minutes ago, NickF said:

are new pins readily available locally ?


Genuine Nissan or SW Motorsport.

FWIW I never have an issue with them - a 20T press and heating the housing with the oxy gets them out. 

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