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What Did You Do On Your Z Today?


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I used a fine hacksaw and a gas torch to remove mine (carefully burnt the rubber bushing cores out). A long slow but effective process. That was more than 3 decades ago, they were well seized up when the car was only about 12 yrs old.

I installed new pins and bushings with generous amounts of copper grease as advised by a mechanic friend. They are still free to this day, I've checked. I wonder whether Nissan used any lubricant at all.

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36 minutes ago, NickF said:

are new pins readily available locally ?


Genuine Nissan or SW Motorsport.

FWIW I never have an issue with them - a 20T press and heating the housing with the oxy gets them out. 

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Rear quarter panel unpicked! Just needs a few light repairs in the usual sections and its good to go.

Super pleased with how rust free this section is! I wish my car was the same

Still have the rest to unpick though :(




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My latest mini-project: I removed the 240Z type carburetors and air cleaner.

The carburetors are to be carefully cleaned and polished.

I'll have to hand make new flange gaskets for either side of the plastic isolators.

But currently I'm paint stripping the orange air cleaner back to bare metal prior to a nice fresh repaint.

Selecting an authentic colour for it is a whole topic in itself...


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Having stripped the paint off the air cleaner - the original Nissan/Datsun air cleaner orange plus a rattle can over-coat I did about 2 decades ago to freshen it up - I've been surprised how many little dings and dents it actually has under all the paint that I must now attend to. AFAIK it came off a guy's race car when he went to triple carbs, and evidently had a less-than-gentle previous life. I've also found spots of surface rust under the original paint; no sign of any primer coat just a thin coat of the Nissan/Datsun orange. So remedying the metalwork and re-painting is the goal for the next week or two.

Back then, just wanting an off-the-shelf paint for a freshen-up, I'd simply used Chevrolet Orange as it looked to be fairly close to the Nissan/Datsun air cleaner orange. However, it has more red in it, and IMO is actually a pretty close match for my car's #110 red/orange colour. I won't use that again, I'll repaint this time in the Nissan/Datsun orange or as close as I can conveniently get.

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34 minutes ago, gilltech said:

I'll repaint this time in the Nissan/Datsun orange or as close as I can conveniently get.

Where do you plan to get that?

I've taken paint into a shop to be analysed with regard to the blue engine block colour, but even then I'm not sure it's exactly right - since over time the paint fades/changes colour etc..

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As you note, colours fade, paint types and mixes vary, a colour can look different in varying situations.

It appears to me that 'Chevrolet Orange', which also goes by a number of other names and codes, is a fairly common choice for repainting Nissan/Datsun air cleaners. As I myself did some time ago! Fair enough, it's a very nice colour on any car, be it a Chevy engine block, or air cleaner or whatever, and it's available in various brands of rattle cans.

But, to my eye it's really too much on the red side of the orange spectrum for repainting the orange Nissan/Datsun air cleaner this time round, it looks a bit 'off', I'm getting fussy.

I have my original 260Z rather faded orange air cleaner, and another '240Z-style' one which is far better (although I don't actually know what model Datsun that one came off with its smaller carburetor apertures), to compare against.

My kids have used an orange on model aircraft which looks pretty darn close to the orange on those air cleaners, so will investigate. Failing that, then I'd probably just have to have the colour custom matched in a couple of rattle cans.


PS. anyone know what a '240Z-style' air cleaner with 41mm diameter apertures might be off? [The 240Z one I'm repainting has 46mm diameter apertures]. Maybe 240K GT, or JDM 2L S30 ???



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I’ve been working on some itbs for the RB for the last month or 2, using a cut down RB25 inlet manifold.
Tig welded on some extensions to match the RB26 throttle bodies then welded a 10mm plate on to bolt the tbs to. 
Made up the linkage support from 10mm plate.
Then cut out some thinner plates, cut some bent alloy tubes and purchased the trumpet tips. My welding isn’t neat enough to finish the trumpets so I’ll have to pay a pro. 
Should be on and retuned in a few weeks.









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On my Zed I have long had fitted a pair of old-school/period Lucas horns from a pommy car, after the original Z horns started to fail. They'd always sounded a bit weak and high pitched anyway. Whereas the British ones have a very useful and much louder 'would-you-please-be-so-good-as-to-get out-of-my-bloody-way' tone.

But, I've been thinking it was about time I brought the original type horns back to life. In the interests of originality, and because they annoy me as one barely worked in a raspy manner while the other was silent. So I've taken them apart, and after stripping layers of paint and crud off I've repainted their front and back covers. I found the internal diaphragms to be somewhat corroded so have polished those up but the internal points mechanisms are very clean. I made up new gaskets for the covers.

Part numbers are stamped into the back covers but neither is marked as to which is High and Low tone. There are different numbers of internal shims which I presume is what alters the tone. When powered up and the adjusters suitably tweaked there are sounds of life in both but I haven't managed to get a proper toot out of either as yet. Not that I intend to re-install them any time soon. I just want to tick them off along with all the other electrical parts on the car that I've been progressively refurbishing. So it's still a work in progress.

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@ScottyD- where did you source the mesh filter covers for the trumpets? I've got some here (I got with a job lot of Mikuni stuff I bought) but they don't fit over my Trumpets I'm afraid.

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