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Sumitomo Fia Mk 63 Caliper Pistons

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I bought the calipers from another zed owner here in Adelaide. They were in pretty bad shape and had been sitting for years.


Seal kit and pistons came from here:

Look at this on eBay http://www.ebay.com/itm/262493450467


Elbow fittings from yahoo japan


Rubber hoses are the same as Silvia ones so we're easy to obtain


I had to get some o-ring seals that go between the 2 halves of the calipers so dropped into power brakes on north east road. They said the Ford falcon guys are all using the cast iron vht paint on their calipers for the original look. Glad I picked it now, when cleaned up the calipers are too shiny silver for my liking.

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Yeah I was going to say I really like the colour of them! Good to know. Your calipers look like the "non" vented version (solid disc) is that right?


I'm in the middle of rebuilding brakes for my FD RX-7, but would like to get a set of these and rebuild them next. :D

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