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The Global Z-car (S30/S130) Market Thread.

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Great car, but not presented quite as well and that's what makes the big difference at this level. I think with a good clean up and detailed further it could return more. I hated the fact the AM radio was gone personally. Also this is not an "early" 240z. I believe those are the main differences.

Strong money either way. 240z's are no longer cheap. Really they never should have been "cheap" IMHO.

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KPGC10 for sale.


Current Price
22,000,000 yen












Hakosuka GT-R s20 engine

Degree is good!
Engine is good immediately takes racing!
Cab 3 aircraft overhauled
All also oils is the exchange already
There are a few missing parts parts, such as interior

Accident, restore, it does not
In less than no rust holes, etc.
Body weakness of Hakosuka does not rust clean
Please check the current car!
Please call if you have questions


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Nice 240ZG tribute.

Current Price
4,500,000 yen

Buyout Price
5,000,000 yen











Vehicle that was this exhibition is substitute exhibition of friends.
The contents of the vehicle 28 breaks 3000cc
50 pie Solex head is Kameari parts frequently used.
Also will rotate better tone engine.
No unlucky air conditioning, etc.
The problem is probably not in the running
Contact with the tire cracking there and the front right fender before under the dashboard
Corrupted for.
Since the old car finely please refrain from more nervous!
Instead, pre-question is do the finer description can place.
Thank you.


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20 hours ago, gav240z said:

Apparently it is NOT for sale, and the ad was either a mistake or a bit of over-zealous marketing by a third party.

The blurb in the ad was lifted - along with the photos - from the Bonham's auction back in 2010, and is a mixture of fact and fiction. The current bodyshell of the car(s) known as 'Big Sam' has never been anywhere near Africa or Australia.   

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CURRENT BID: $32,400  ENDS IN: 7 hours






This 1972 Datsun 240Z was delivered new to Camino Datsun in Sunnyvale, California, and stayed with its original owner until being acquired by the selling dealer earlier this year. The car is finished in red over a white vinyl interior, and power comes from a numbers-matching 2.4-liter inline-six paired with a four-speed manual transmission. Modifications include period dealer-installed American Racing wheels, driving lamps, and chrome mud flaps. This 240Z is offered by the selling dealer with factory literature, shop manuals, service records, and a clean California title.


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Genuine HS30-H

Current Price
9,800,000 yen
(AU $ 140,042.00)























Car name Fairlady - 240ZG
Year  1972 year (Showa 47 years
Mileage unknown km
Car inspection  32 years 10 May
Color Maroon
[Specifications state]
Unplayed vehicle original degree high
RS Watanabe 15 inches AW
Genuine SU cab
Rear brake master OH (2019/06)
Shift bush exchange (2019/07)
Model specification number 02662 classification 0070 Attempts on forth

The deal will be the current sales of NC / NR.
The current car is located in Toyohashi, Aichi Prefecture. Toyohashi Station (Shinkansen, JR because it is Tokaido Line, Meitetsu) a 5-minute walk expensive vehicle we recommend that you check the current car. Check the current car, we hope that you will contact us in advance.
Land transportation cost will be separately to. Here to confirm  www.zero-group.co.jp/mycar/
Please do to the inquiry by the free phone because it is the old car. Different normal vehicle type and amount.
End of registration 50,000 yen will be refunded after the end will be entrusted as a deposit to.
Details Photos
Since I have carried out the sale at the store, there is also a case of sold out, please understand
The following BLG in there is new information.


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Early 240z with quick blow over paint job.


For $27k I want chrome bumpers lol..












Selling a very nice early 1970 240z. I believe I am the third owner of this car. Runs and drives great. Odometer reads 44,807 but I'm not sure what the true mileage is. All the bodywork and paint was done in the early 90's by the second owner and then sat in his garage as an unfinished project. When I acquired it a few years ago, it needed all the mechanicals and interior gone through. That is now complete and it is up for sale. All suspension and brake bits either replaced or refreshed, new exhaust, new tires, new radiator, new carpet, new seat vinyl and padding, etc. No stereo installed but the clock does work. I know, right? Surprised me too! 

This is certainly not a nuts and bolts restoration but it presents nicely nonetheless. Car is very original including matching numbers motor which has been recently rebuilt. SU carbs were refurbed by Z-Therapy. Transmission is not original, it is a 4 speed out of a 280. I have a 5 speed out of a 280 that can be included if you want. Car was originally blue and the current color is a slightly different shade of blue. The previous owner said it was a stock Dodge truck blue. Original wheels were slotted mags which will be included with the sale. 

Dash is cracked but has a cap on it so it looks a lot better. Bumpers appear to be original bumpers that had the holes filled and then painted. Very little rust, none in the battery tray area, surficial rust only in the spare tire well, front footwells have an area toward the firewall that had some fiberglass work done, likely due to rust issues there.

I just had a final tune and inspection done by Petaluma Auto Works. These guys specialize in Z's and know them inside and out. They got the carburetors dialed in perfectly and the valves adjusted and they said the car checked out very nicely.

Asking $27k. Email me if interested or if you have any other questions. Not interested in low ball offers.


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Worth watching this 1. Last sold for $26,500 ON 31/05/17











This 1972 Datsun 240Z is finished in Metallic Blue over white vinyl and powered by a 2.4-liter inline-six mated to a four-speed manual gearbox. The car was reacquired six months ago by the selling dealer, who first sold it through a May 2017 BaT auction which resulted in a January 2018 success story.



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His showroom looks like what yours will be soon Gavin.

Very nice car, am I critical if I say the decal on the door would look 100% better if it was colour matched to the interior ?

Best 240 colour combo other than white / black.

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37 minutes ago, specialp3 said:

His showroom looks like what yours will be soon Gavin.

Very nice car, am I critical if I say the decal on the door would look 100% better if it was colour matched to the interior ?

Best 240 colour combo other than white / black.

You're too kind. haha.

I don't think those decals come in colour matched colours.

I like the Blue colour + Blue Interior combo personally.

I actually think it would look nicer without the hubcaps + some white letter tyres on it. :)

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On 9/26/2019 at 9:13 AM, gav240z said:

Passed in at $60k USD.


i can’t imagine spending this sort of money on a 240k. I sent a few to the wreckers many moons ago, and was happy to do it at the time.

Kind of wish I had of garaged them now. 

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Very rare Honda coupe's...


Honda 400EX

Seller's description
Delete if not allowed 

I have two Honda 7s 
I don’t know a lot about them 

one could be resto the other for parts 
There located an hour north of Melbourne 
To be sold together preferably 







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