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[SOLD] --- Back up --- 280Zx / S130 2 Seater For Sale


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Would you look at that. My 4,000th post.... And what am I doing?


First Dimitri, now me. And about 5 different versions of Rev's in between  :P

Seems to be the latest trend.


After MUCH consideration.....

My lifestyle doesn't seem to fit a 2 seater sports car very well. In the last 5 years, I'd say it's been driven less than 50 times!

So, it's time to put the Z on the market.


This car has had everything rebuilt, at least once.

Has plenty of goodies on/in it.


None more important than the L30(2.95L) PMC donk. 

Triple 44PHH Mikuni's, with TWM airbox and K&N air filter.

Headers designed by the late Peter Hall.

Gearbox rebuilt @ Hollinger.

Brake upgrade.

Z31 R200 4.4 LSD.

16" Watanabe's with semi slicks.

Racing seat & 4 point harness.

Front & rear strut braces.

Most parts that were taken off are still there to go with it.

Plenty more, just can't think of it at the moment.....


Only driven Sundays  8)

Will be taking it to the Nissan/Datsun day at Yarra Glen this weekend.





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Back up for sale
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Good choice, I think this would be much harder to replace than a 240 or 260. I gather there's bugger all of these here? I bet there's only one with this level of goodies in it too?


I can only think of a handful of 2 seaters. There was a member who signed up here ages ago with 1, burgundy it's in the gallery. Johnny's in SA and this car. I saw 1 in Unique Cars in a 1995 edition or there about's. That is all the ones I know of...

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Theres one up here, but its been hacked and sectioned, rails had chunks removed, converted to a Sports Sedan.

Some Chev motor, and an automatic gearox.


There was a brown/goldy one, last saw it 7-8 years ago, kept very stock


Simon, yours is way to good to lose it,,,,,

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Good to hear as well, I am sure you wont regret it, as I doubt you will get another one for the $'s you spent on your car


Re the 2 Seater S130's in Qld, I know of 3 in the ZCCQ.  Mine, 260DET and another club members. I have seen a burgundy one which came out of Tasmania in 2010 or there about, who I think is on this forum. and 2 others I know of in Qld.


I recon Australia wide 10-15, similar numbers to the Z31 2 seaters

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2 hours ago, 260DET said:

Might be an idea to list it on the 280ZX facebook group too. Should be saleable at your price, good luck anyway.

I've put it on Downunder Datsuns already.

When I get time to get some good pics, I'll do some official advertising.

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