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Early Girl Bingo - With Photos


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Hi Gavin,


I found this register of right hand drive 240Z's here - http://www.zhome.com/IZCC/ZRegisters/classicHS.htm


The list shows the following sub HS30-001000 cars not already listed on page 1 of this topic;

HS30-00086, 000155, 00212, 00219, 00224, 00280, 00306, 00334, 00352, 00373, 00384, 00388, 00501, 00507, 00521, 00535 and 00563.


Some of the entries were listed quite a long time ago and will probably be out of date (eg. No 16).  There are email addresses shown, some of which may still be valid.


I also noticed that the “(link here)” hypertext for HS30-00084 is not working. Here are two URL's I found for it;




** Edit: I just noticed that on the second of the above links, the owner of number 84 said (on 05 July 2012) "...It has been under my house since 2007 and I have now decided to get her out and about after selling my other 240Z (HS30-000329). "

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Yeah that Zhome page is out-dated, as this will become if I don't devise a better method of tracking these cars. Thankfully the new software looks like it has the ability to create custom databases. Which will be incredibly useful.

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HS30 00165 - found this photo so we can all relive its awesomeness.



I wonder if this car is HS30 00160?



The only additions are Ewing three-piece wheels


HS30 00051 was originally 907 Green. Could it be the same car as this? Note the AU market fender mirrors in particular.



If early cars were used as demo vehicles, it seems reasonable that it could have been.


So many questions.. haha.

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One of the problems with counting/accounting for the 'HS30' prefixed bodies is that people expect them to be in some sort of constant and linear progression, which wasn't the case. There were gaps both in production and numbering. Nissan Shatai was under great pressure, operating over reasonable capacity, and so was Nissan's whole supply and transport system.


@Alan I want to come back to this point. You say there were gaps in production and numbering. Does this mean that some numbers were never actually made?


For example does that mean it's possible HS30 00020 or HS30 00050 never existed? And were simply skipped due to whatever constraints Nissan was under at the time?


Or are you referring to the jump in production numbers that indicated changes to the models that were used for internal purposes? For example the sudden jump from HS30 00999 to HS30 1XXXX range?

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Here's a photo of my HS30 000521


By the way this is an awesome thread thanks Gav240z, and thanks  for getting the photos on the first page sorted


Thanks I'll add it soon, I think the photos really highlight what's left and in what shape, original or modified, original colour or repaint. Needing restoration or restored already.


I will eventually add a proper database for this where people can submit photos and we can hopefully keep track of these cars over time and how they change. Imagine if you bought a 240z and had 10 years of historical photos of the car available for example? We can eventually expand it out to all S30z's, 260z, 2+2s etc.. Perhaps even foreign market cars also (in a separate area).

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Looking at the these early 240z, i notice most of them doesn't have fender mirrors. Does export s30 comes with fender mirrors originally?


Early 240z's sold in Australia did have fender mirrors, but most owners removed them as they didn't like them.

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I just noticed that the 240Z mentioned here -

- is HS30-00859

"Former concourse winner, same owner 39 years in very good condition. Taree area"


It seems to be available still and the seller is asking for $27,000 ono.


Should this topic be a sticky?


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Good detective work, going to have to call you the S30z detective GongZ :).


I've updated first page with 3 new car details also.


We can make this a sticky post, but eventually want to convert into a more user friendly format where people can submit details on their own.

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I don't know if this is sufficient evidence for you Gavin - but here goes;




Purchased the car 10 years ago as a rusted rolling shell. Spent 2 years repairing rust work and getting the body straight.


L28 F54 block with ROSS forged flat top pistons.

P90 head.

ARP Head studs.

Garrett GT2871R ball bearing turbo.

890cc injectors

Megasquirt II ECU

3" mandrel bent exhaust.

Front mount cooler with custom piping.

RB25 Flywheel.

EXEDY RB25 Heavy duty clutch

S14 gearbox.

R200 LSD.

Runs E85; 16psi low boost, 23psi high boost, yet to be dyno’d.



Nice, what build number is this car?


Hi ZED16, Thanks. It's build number 418; it was only a shell when I got it, no matching numbers otherwise I would have restored to original."


And I realise that its a 1970 - not a 1969 car as stated!


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I know the car and owner. So I can add that info. Marc bought my 73 240z in early 2000. ;)


The car in that photo was a bare shell hanging from the roof of Zworx in early 2000s. Think it was Safari Gold originally too.

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I have HS30-00595 (4/1971) here in SA


Bought from Vic

Originally 918 orange but was resprayed black before i bought it, one day will be 918 orange again.

Original L24 was draw through carbie turbo, was a pig to drive. Replaced with an RB20det

Has MK63 front brakes, fibre glass guards and bonnet, roll bar and R200 lsd, tokico shocks and springs, FMIC and a few other bits and pieces

Edited by twoforty z
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