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Jeff's 240z build

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On 4/8/2021 at 4:11 PM, CBR Jeff said:

I took the plunge and cut the outer guard out. Then cut the inner guard back, that gave me access to drill and chisel the spot welds out. 
this photo may help?




Yep that’s what I figured you did, only way I could see it being done.  But then how did you weld it in?!! as once you put the new inner arch in you have no access again 

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Ryan It’s a much easier job to install the inners than remove. I could get the MIG in to plug weld the drilled out spot welds with out much problem. But like removal it was a mix of working from inside and out. That is that not all of the spot welds could be removed from inside the guard some had to be accessed from inside the car. 


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7 hours ago, KatoKid said:

Looks Canberra cold!

Haha. No Dave not cold yet. It was still in positive figures on Monday and we reach well into the double digits for a max. Leg and arm warmers are still packed away for a few more weeks. Unlike NSW and VIC we had a public holiday Monday and it was a cracker of a day. 



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