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misc 240/260z parts


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Got some parts here they I have no space for anymore so might be helpful to someone else

Window frames and glass are from 240z

Centre facia 260z

Headlight buckets 260z

Front valance 260z

Arm rests 260z 2+2 I'm pretty sure

Got some more stuff just gotta go through all my junk

Everything Is $10

Would prefer pick up as I won't have much time to post

Located s.e suburbs of Melbourne



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Do you know what happened to the car those green panels came off? Looks like the same colour of a '72 240z i used to own.  :(


the green panels came off my 74 260 2 seater


Window glass and frames please!


G please pm if you are interested and we can work out a time for pickup

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Hey G/tin.


I am in desperate need of a Passenger side door glass, its the one thing holding me up at the moment - I can't find it anywhere.


G/Tin any room to "help a brother out"?


If that's a no go, let me know and I might be able to help you source 1.


Edit* Try harder.



The seller is a member here, Zedman240


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Hi iam interested in the. Valance panel and side I assume by the pic you only have one side

Also interested in the two access hatches. Iam based in Brisbane would you be willing to post



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