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Brand new lwrd "King springs" suit S30 260Z

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$220-00 plus pstge or local pick up sydney area.

  Brand new front & rear King springs to suit all S30 260Z cars but not 2+2 models as these are a lot heavier . As per "King springs  technical dept.

  Previously advertised ,but as there was confusion with what models they suited I have chosen to re list them with correct info.


      Front:    KDFL-04 rated at 175 Lb    Rear:  KDRS-09 rated at 175 Lb also  Lower by 30MM


NB. The 70-79 for the 260Z listing in their brochure was a typing error, also the KDRS-09 listing in the 240Z is correct. The Tech guy stated that as the 240Z was lighter the car remained at standard height when fitted with this particular spring. 

  Hope this clears up any confusion

                                                                                      Regards; Alan. Mob# 0405 291 467                               

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  G'day Pauly, no mate they dont require wiring . The Tech guy said that they are a standard size specifically for 260Z vehicles excepting 2+2 model.

However the KDRS-09 also fit  240Z rears but do not lower it as it is a lghtr car in comparison to the 260Z .


                                                                  Regards: Alan.

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