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Evie 1972 Datsun 240z


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Managed to finally get some hamster cages for Evie.

Cost a small fortune.


But actually a very reasonable price for old sports option parts (in my humble opinion).

Part No. 16500-E4620

I've seen a few NOS ones sell for triple that!

Alan also provided some photos for reference here.

At least with a set in hand it will be easy to potentially copy and make more in future to suit my other S30Z's.


proxy (1).jpeg

proxy (2).jpeg

proxy (3).jpeg


nissan-restoration-club-safari-rally-z-l24-inline-6 (1).jpg

nissan-restoration-club-safari-rally-z-members-tinkering-under-hood (1).jpg

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Looks good Gav

Re the air filter

Your local air conditioning supplier (Actrols or Heatcraft) should be able to supply some filter media that you can cut to the desired size and then sandwich between the mesh or you could use foam oiled media and do the same thing with but that will be messy.


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47 minutes ago, theremm said:

Hey Gav, nice pickup and pretty good price too I reckon. I thought the hamster cages had two clips on top of each box though?

To quote Alan..hope he doesn't mind.


They made these things over a long period. The very first ones were hand made by the works rally team, then Nissan started selling them as a sports option part and the design changed. They went on to make them - mostly - for the 4cyl cars and there were subtle differences in the construction. I don't know much about the later ones to be honest.

It's possible they are reproductions of some sort, but hard to say. As Alan mentioned in that thread above they wouldn't take much to copy. As for 2 vs 1 clip. I could always modify them to have 2. But given that we don't know exactly how they changed over the years and if they work fine with 1 I'm inclined to leave them as is.

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Gav and I are making plans for Evie to return to his possession, so we've been planning some maintenance before this happens.
Gav and Ned came down the shop today to perform an oil and brake fluid change, and also address the 2nd and 3rd gear syncros in the gearbox which were worn....

When I built the gearbox a few years ago, I couldn't get replacement 2nd and 3rd syncro rings in a timely manner, so I just reinstalled the old ones.
They've gradually gotten worse, so I obtained new Nissan syncro rings and today we removed the box, stripped it down, replaced the rings, reassembled it then reinstalled it in the car - all in 8hrs...


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So, long time between updates. I've been sort of broke, and haven't had much surplus cash to spend on the cars. But I figured I could do lots of little things that don't cost too much.

Ever since converting to Triples there has been a few things that bother me over the Twin SUs.

  • No heat shielding between the carbs and headers.
  • Nowhere to plumb the PCV hoses from the block and valve cover
  • No Air Horns (velocity stacks) - just K&N filters on the end.

The ideal set up would do all 3, and as you can see above I bought the hamster cages some time back and was planning to use those (but I'll come back to that).

Anyway I looked at a few heat shield options and got this 1 at a very reasonable price.

It's 3 pieces and the bottom part is slightly adjustable so you can push it toward and away from the headers, I guess to accommodate different exhaust designs and clearances.

Plus it's shiny.

Step 1. Test fit.


It still has the protective film on it here. But good news was no issues with fitment, pretty much spot on.


You can see how far it extends under the carb bodies (has cut outs for the accelerator pump).


I still want to run filters for now, so I wanted to see if I could bolt them on with the heat shield in place. Good news is, they fit nicely. Bad news is, they still look hideous.


What I like about this 1 is that it has the heat shield extend under the intakes and helps funnel cold air from the front of the car.


Closer shot under the carb body.


From the rear, plenty of clearance with my generic H&M style headers. Which are ugly as and could use ceramic coating.


I knew it wasn't going to work, but I had to try. I was hoping I could slip the trumpets on under the K&N filters. Although not shown here I have another pair of K&N filters for 44s but they wouldn't fit and my velocity stacks are damaged (3 of them) because someone cut 2 of them to probably try and fit under a filter in the past. (see front carb for the cut ones) and the #6 has a chip out of it (all before I got them).


With the film removed you can see the polished mirror finish on this shield. Lovely.



And that's the problem, they look so good with the velocity stacks out in the open I kind of want to have this arragement.

I'm thinking I'll get the individual filters that slip over the stacks, but also I wouldn't mind changing the set up around to also fit the hamster cages (best of both worlds).

I've actually found 4 more velocity stacks in good shape (think they are the same as the others) so I'll be shipping them here soon. Polish them up and fit them for extra internet points.


These engines look so good with the triples hanging off the side.

For the hamster cage set up I found some heat shields like these.

proxy (1).jpeg


And I think these will not stick out in front of the intakes so should give the clearance I need to fit them. What I like about the hamster cages is that they incorporate a velocity stack into them.

But right now my bigger concern is fitting an oil catch can of some description otherwise I get oil residue all over the engine bay. Yucky..


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Finally got a set of new covers to match my lenses. Funny enough there are 2 different versions of rings and lens.

I actually had 2 rings with a lens (minor cracks) but they were a mismatched pair.. which would have meant drilling holes in different locations for each headlight bucket on a car.

Plus if I ever needed a replacement I'd need to order an odd lens and normally they would be sold as matched pairs I'd imagine.

Thing is the lenses themselves are different shapes and so even if I redrilled holes in the lenses, they can't be interchanged. Refer to photos.

Before I can fit these I'll need to source some rubber gasket / seals and the mounting hardware. Which I'm sure I've seen somewhere for purchase, just gotta remember where.







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On 7/21/2021 at 6:49 PM, datsunrally said:

Faced with a similar situation l went for the short Unifilter foam socks, they work nicely.




Hey Jeff, do you have a heat shield below the carbs? If so was it custom made? I know you've got a 4 cylinder so may not be applicable to an L6.

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6 minutes ago, gav240z said:

Hey Jeff, do you have a heat shield below the carbs? If so was it custom made? I know you've got a 4 cylinder so may not be applicable to an L6.

Not currently Gav, but it's on the must-do list. Whatever I end up with will need to be custom made, original works type would be rare-as nowadays, plus, I have Webers instead of Solexes so the mountings will be different.


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