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A Sydney get-together is on - Sun 23rd March 2014

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As some may know I have a Pommie friend out here helping me prep the car for painting. He is a Z-tragic, he's owned, restored and modified quite a few. He has already met a few members and had long Z-focused chats. As a way of entertaining him and finally arranging a Sydney get-together I thought I might offer an open invitation to members to drop around to my place (Sylvania) next Sunday (23rd March) between 09:00 and 11:00 to meet each other, chat and show off some cars.


This will give you time to get back home for lunch and spend the afternoon with your loved one looking at new kitchens!


There will be no catering but there is a little shop up the street that does great bacon & egg rolls, etc, and coffee.


I would like to hear from anyone interested - PM me for the address and include your mobile number and I text back.


If you've never actually met a fellow member (who has?) don't worry we are all pathetic creatures seeking others who share our interest. If your Z is actually running make sure you bring it along.


Kids are welcome but they will be your responsibility.

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Thanks for organising this Peter


Pretty sure I will also be coming along, just need to shift a few things around.

Love the irony of the Cafe name.


See you Sunday, hopefully



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Can you PM your address or send me an email? I hope to be there. No Z but I'll bring the wankel lol..

Hey Gav


If you make it, can you bring my TRD bag ?.





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Yeah I'll have to look where I've put it, but shouldn't be a problem.


I think Sydney Mike also wanted the vintage speakers out of the Safari Gold 240z so I'll try to remember to bring those also.

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Great weather and a great turn out with some very neat Z's, Clubmans and a Cobra.

It was nice to put some faces to names or alias's.

Thanks for putting up the venue and for organising the event Peter.

Hope we can do it again sooner rather than later.




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Thanks to all those who turned up. Mike (the Pommie) really enjoyed this morning - some compensation for the cancelled Stones concert. However, some of you guys need to get a watch. The finish time was supposed to be 11:00, we are now hours behind with the GTO prepping schedule!




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